Thursday, 18 October 2012

Let the ocean worry about being blue

On Sunday I went on a little adventure to Haworth, a lovely little village not far from where my boyfriend lives. I was mostly excited about the fact that this was where the Railway Children was filmed and I had visions of children dressed in old fashioned outfits waving banners and flags at passing trains. Instead the reality was much more filled with dozens of ageing men with their tripods and SLRs lining the station platform waiting for the steam trains to come chugging down the tracks. I tried my best to make it very clear that although I was also wielding my camera around I was definitely not in the same classification as them so in protest refused to take any pictures when the train actually stopped at the platform, just on the off chance that somebody happened to mistake me for a trainspotter.

Haworth itself is a lovely little place, its also where the Bronte sisters came from so there are lots of references to them dotted around the village amongst the weird goth/magic type shops (apparently quite common in the villages around the pennines for some unknown reason), tea shops and cute shops selling masses of vintage/Cath Kidston style homeware. 

It was a beautiful day too so it was absolutely perfect weather for meandering round the streets; it was really lovely to escape the city for a bit and feel like I'd just stepped back in time away from all the hustle and bustle I'm normally surrounded by. I tried to just pick a few pictures to show how pretty the village was but may have gone a bit overboard (the horse and the food shots probably weren't necessary additions to this post but I decided a few more pictures couldn't hurt too much...). 

This weekend definitely won't be as peaceful as the last. Tomorrow I'm off to visit one of my friends from Uni with two of my bezzies so we can celebrate her birthday. Her birthday was actually in August but apparently its quite difficult for us as real people with actual jobs and limited free time to all find a weekend we can all see each other. Somebody send me back to Uni now please. I hate growing up, it really doesn't suit my social life.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Iron Cupcake: Fright Night

My favourite Sunday of the month rolled around yesterday. Spending an evening eating loads of different types of cakes and not feeling guilty about it as you're doing a very important job judging them all- YES PLEASE. I even mentioned this back when I was interviewed for my job at the hospital, it seems its an acceptable way to basically say "yes, my hobbies include eating ridiculous amounts of cake and just generally being a massive fatty" (work should have sensed back then that hiring me would do serious damage to their biscuit tin...). 

In true October style, this month's Iron Cupcake theme was Fright Night and I was so impressed with all the entries. There were surprisingly few pumpkin flavoured cakes and there were so many creative ideas; something about Halloween seemed to make the bakers really pull out all the stops with the decoration! 

If you're ever in Leeds and like me can happily eat cake until its coming out of your ears, then I'd definitely recommend registering for tickets next time. The bakers are a lovely bunch as are all the judges- its not a scary Great British Bake Off type experience at all. I sadly lack the ability to strike fear in the hearts of bakers in the same way that Paul Hollywood does (despite being from the same little peninsula as him). 

This is just a little snippet of the night, there were 18 cakes in total (luckily you only get to try a quarter of each type of cake... that many full cakes would definitely be enough to finish even the most experienced eaters off!) and I sadly didn't get a picture of the winner... but I'll give a special mention to my lovely baker friend Charlie and her chocolate warewolves since they came third and all (she didn't even pay me to say that, honest!). 

I'm going to carry on the theme of cakey goodness and sort myself out for tomorrow night now... my friends and I are having a GBBO final themed meal and we're each baking a different 'course' from the series. I'm doing sticky toffee puddings. Yum. 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

I still owe money, to the money, to the money I owe

Today felt like the longest day EVER in work. All I wanted to do was just skip merrily out of the building and into the new Topshop that opened today on Briggate in Leeds. I was in a meeting that normally finishes at about 4.30, which typically decided to overrun by about a zillion hours today (okay so it was more like half an hour, but still!) so I practically ran into town when I finally left the hospital. I think I had visions in my panicked little head that all of the clothes in the whole three floor shop would have somehow been snapped up before I arrived. I was pleased to discover that the staff had stocked their shelves accordingly to ensure that this sort of shopping disaster didn't happen. 

I only came away with one top (cue sigh of relief from my bank card) but I was more excited just to go along and see what all the fuss was about. I knew there was a good reason for living in Leeds (aside from my friends and work and all that jazz obviously)... biggest Topshop outside London, YES PLEASE. Although I was quite disappointed I didn't get one of the nice little free gift cards that most of the customers seemed to be wielding. Although it was probably for the best, I'd have no doubt managed to justify buying half the shop if a bit of money off had been involved...

Anyway, moving back in time a little from tonight's adventure... on Saturday the boy and I had a lovely little date night and went for a few drinks, watched Leeds Rhinos win the rugby (although I didn't have the foggiest about what was actually happening in the game) and a burger, which you may have seen me harping on about in a previous post. We also ended up in Yates's briefly after the boy decided £3.75 a pint in the bar we were in was a bit much. Needless to say we didn't stop long, the place was chock a block full of a 30th birthday party with 'Tasty Trish', 'Juicy Jan' and 'Saucy Sue' leading the pack. Oh sometimes I love Leeds. Classy city. 

Instead of opting for a neon t-shirt with my own ridiculous name (not even sure what innuendo would actually alliterate with Kaz), I wore this delightful little shirt I found in Ark the other weekend. Its currently rivalling the burgundy jumper for the title spot of most worn item in Kaz's wardrobe. 

shirt: Hearts & Bows at Ark, jeans: River Island, boots: Next, Jacket: Topshop

When I bought this shirt, I must admit that one of my first thoughts was "ooh this would look great with the collar poking out from under my burgundy jumper". Seriously, I need to branch out a bit. I do own other clothes, honestly.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

And I will wait, I will wait for you

Now, you may have been looking at some of my recent outfit posts and be coming to the conclusion that I only own one solitary little jumper. Quite frankly, this post really isn't going to help me to convince you otherwise. I actually am quite lacking in the jumper department and am beginning to think I can't just live in this burgundy number for the whole winter (actually, I'm pretty sure I could, its so warm and snuggly) so I should probably consider finding myself an alternative... even if its just for when this jumper is taken for a spin in the washing machine

I've spent the last month or so endlessly looking for the perfect pair of vaguely smart boots. I very nearly caved in and bought some Doc Martens but there was no way I could even attempt to pass them off as 'smart'. I eventually got fed up of looking and was struggling to find a pair I felt even vaguely enthusiastic about, but then I wandered into Next with my mum so she could have a quick rifle through the sale rails a few weeks ago and stumbled across these beauties. I'm not sure they're going to be at all particularly practical for winter but for £32 I just couldn't resist.

jumper: Topshop, dress (worn underneath): Topshop, boots: Next, necklaces: Urban Outfitters/Joy

Just had a minor heart attack that I've completely lost track of time and missed half of this week's Great British Bake Off. So on that note I'm going to leave you... the tv needs me. Now. 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

No I ain't wasting no more time

This has been a bloomin' good weekend (hooray!). Busy busy busy yet completely relaxing at the same time. I love having jam packed weekends full of friends and general niceness, its what really makes me relax after an incredibly long week at work... some people love doing absolutely nothing as a way to unwind but that just doesn't work for me- I've definitely got far too much energy.

So here's a little collection of some of my snaps from the last few days.I thought it was safer this way rather than boring you all with ramblings about each separate activity!

1,2 & 3: On Friday it was Light Night in Leeds, an annual arty type event with installations/performances dotted all over the city. The pufferfish was from a Taxidermy exhibition... normally that sort of thing creeps me out but the pufferfish was fab to see up close like that!
4. As part of Light Night there was lots going on in the Brotherton Library at Leeds Uni. My friend and I couldn't resist poking around in our old stomping ground, reaquainting ourselves with our lecturer's books... without a doubt one of the nerdiest points in my life but it was a definite highlight of the night!
5. If you're around Leeds, I'd definitely recommend going to Red's for a burger/anything. Absolute heaven. The picture doesn't do it justice but I was too excited to eat it to waste time taking a better one.
6. This was definitely written about me.
7. Sunday wanderings <3
8. Reacquainting myself with my favourite cosy cardigan. I love autumn.
9. Having a long overdue catch up over a brownie and a sandwich, thoroughly outstaying our welcome in the cafe but the lovely people at Out of the Woods didn't seem to mind at all.
10. I want this wallpaper. Too cute.
11. Definitely my new favourite cafe... we were very impressed, perfect surroundings for a lazy Saturday afternoon gossip.
12. Making the most of the food market on Briggate today (and embarrassing the boy by eating too many samples)

I really do love weekends like this, now I just need to plan some more lovely things for next weekend so I feel this happy and content next Sunday too! 

Hope you've all had a good'un :)

Friday, 5 October 2012

How can I put you off when you're a matter of urgency?

Minimalism is all well and good and really suits some people's homes and spaces, its sophisticated and I must say it does look pretty darn fancy. But as far as my bedroom (and my life in general) goes, minimalism just doesn't work. I largely hold my hoarder of a mother responsible for this- her argument for keeping practically every little thing I've ever been given because of the 'sentimental value' means I own far too much stuff for minimalism to really be a viable option.

For the last few months I've survived with fairly bare walls (by my standards at least); there were originally 4 pictures on this wall... but I'm a girl who used to plaster every millimetre of spare surface of space with photos and posters by so this frustrated me so, so much. My surroundings affect my mood so much, and plain white space just made my mind feel pretty bleak. I need a good splash of colour and a bit of creativity to wake up to in the morning and spur me on for the day. Otherwise I wake up feeling a bit like 'Oh, is this it?'. Rebelling against the 'no shoving tonnes of holes in the wall' clause in the contract for the flat has done my mind the world of good. I now, finally, feel like the space is mine and it fits my eclectic (yet freakisly accidentally matching and coordinated) little personality so much better. Give me an overcrowded wall full of anything and everything over a pristine white space any day. I was never very sophisticated anyway...