Sunday, 30 September 2012

I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain

For anyone who regularly reads my posts, I'm sure you'll be well aware of my endless money saving so I could treat myself to a lovely new bag. Finally, a few weeks ago, I wandered into HSBC with a mountain of 20p and 50p coins much to the disdain of the cashiers who I could see stealing anxious glances in my direction, all hoping that it wouldn't be their turn to serve when I reached the front of the queue. I practically skipped out of the bank and back to my flat so I could fire up the laptop and order my beautiful new bag from the Cambridge Satchel Company. I'd spent weeks and weeks umming and ahhing over various different colours and was finding it impossible to choose (my heart was screaming out for a red satchel but my head knew it'd be utterly ridiculous to buy a bag in the same shade as my ever expanding burgundy wardrobe... I really need to learn where to draw the line with that one). In the end I went for black. I was a bit disappointed with myself... I really wanted something that would stand out a little more and be a bit exciting and well, just not black. But when the parcel arrived at my door I instantly fell in love. Turns out I'd made the right decision after all.

bag: The Cambridge Satchel Company, jacket: Republic, jumper: Topshop, shirt (worn underneath): Glamorous, jeans: Topshop, boots: River Island

Now I've got my beautiful satchel in my life, I'm in search of my next big thing to save for. Foraging for 20p coins has become quite an addictive hobby. Any suggestions?

ps, I've made myself a little blog button (I'm very impressed with myself for actually figuring out how to do this!) so if any of you want to share a bit of button swapping love then just let me know :)

Thursday, 27 September 2012

You'll be somewhere talking to me as if you knew me

A week or so ago, the lovely Tamsyn from Seaside In The City kindly nominated me for the liebster award. I was so excited that she'd picked my little blog, I think its a great way to celebrate new bloggers who don't have hundreds and hundreds of followers yet and find out more about one another. Normally I'm not one for tagging and whatnot but I like the whole concept between this one, and also its been so flipping grim outside and I've not been anywhere exciting this week so I've got limited interesting things to post for you people!

If you're tagged you have to write 11 things about yourself, and then answer the 11 questions from the blogger who tagged you. You then choose other bloggers with less than 200 followers that you want to get to know, and choose your own 11 questions you'd like to ask them.

11 facts about me:

I have a bit of an obsession with burgers. If I spy them on a restaurant menu I don't even consider any other option. I'd just be disappointed if I went for something different.

I graduated from Leeds Uni with a degree in English Language in 2011. A rare achievement as its now a vintage course because they've stopped running it now.

I also like cake. A lot. Especially butter cream, which I have been known to eat straight from the piping bag quite frequently.

I work as a learning mentor in the hospital for 13-25 year olds with cancer. Its not an easy job, I love it but it can be so emotionally driven. Seeing teenagers go through such utter shit when they're still facing the challenges of growing up really makes you stop and re-evaluate your own life. 

My room is filled with owls. It started off with just a cushion, then I acquired a doorstop and sensing a pattern people started buying me them as presents. I now have a fully fledged owlery. 

Aside from somewhere around Leeds and Liverpool, I think the only other place I can really see myself living in the future is Manchester. Apparently I'm most at home when I'm somewhere that is accessible from the M62. I think I need to see more of the world.

The part of the world I'd most like to see is San Francisco and the rest of the West Coast of America. My fascination with San Fran started when I was about 7 and Blue Peter went on one of their summer expeditions there. I wonder if Blue Peter ever realised quite how influential their programme could be...

I'm an indie kid through and through with my music. There's just no feeling quite like watching your favourite bands and getting goosebumps when they play your favourite song.

I very rarely actually buy any music myself. I just wait around for about a week or so after a new album has come out and sure enough my boy has usually bought it for himself. I like to share, its just a very one sided sort of sharing.

I am a proud Cardie and Englangang member. The Cardies are my old housemates from uni (we lived on Cardie lane in a delightful house with a blue front door and a whomping willow in the garden) and the Englangang are my old course friends (when together we can usually be found dancing like absolute special people near the dj in The Cockpit in Leeds)

I'm trying to get good at photography. I like taking pictures and seem to do alright with twiddling the buttons on my slr and taking some fairly decent pictures but I'd like to be able to actually understand what I'm doing.

Seaside in the City's eleven questions:

Who's your favourite musician? 
I'll have to base this upon the best live gig I've ever seen and say Jarvis Cocker from Pulp. Leeds Festival 2011... he may have been older than half of the crowd put together but my word did he know how to create an amazing atmosphere. 

If you could meet anyone, in any location who and where would it be?
I'm going to be a big cheeseball and say my uni friends in Leeds. Not many of them still live in Leeds now and its just so much fun putting us back in one room together and pretending none of us have moved away. 

What's your favourite hobby?
I don't have any proper 'activity' hobbies in the same way as when I was younger and used to do trampolining, gymnastics, piano and about a billion other things. Now I mostly just go to the gym (I'm getting really into spinning these days) and bake cakes. The two balance each other out quite well I think.

What's your ideal Sunday?
Waking up without the aid of my horrific alarm, eating chocolate in bed with the boy and watching videos of cute animals on youtube, going for a wander down by the canal and a mooch around the shops, then going out for a burger and a kopparberg. 

Biggest adventure of your life so far?
Aside from moving away from home for uni and going on holiday with 20 other people to Lanzarote last year I've not been on any overly adventurous adventures so far. I am hatching a plan to live my little dream of going to the West Coast of America in the next year or two though so I'm sure that'll be the start of many adventures yet to come. 

Favourite accessory?
I've got a pocket watch necklace that we found in my Granny's endless jewellery collection when we were clearing her house out after she died. I'd been hunting high and low for the perfect watch necklace and so was so happy when I came across that. I'm sure my Gran would be pleased I'm getting so much wear out of it too. 

Desired holiday destination?
Oh, I kind of answered that in the adventure question already. But I'd love to see more of Europe one day soon, I'd love to see Berlin and Barcelona to name just a few places. 

Tea or Coffee?
Neither. Ever ever ever. So many people have tried and tried to make me like them and attempted to convince me that everybody else in the world likes at least one of these but not me. Give me a juice or lemonade any day please.

What inspires you to blog?
Mostly pretty places I've been and days out I've had. I originally started my blog to give me somewhere to occasionally post pictures I'd taken on days out, but I've got quite into outfit posts too- its made me far less lazy with my clothes and I feel like it makes me put a bit more effort into what I'm wearing (its a good job you can't see me right now mind you, I'm wearing a huge jumper and my pjs...)

Favourite Celebrity and why?
Probably Fearne Cotton. I wish she was my big sister... just think of the hand me down clothes I'd get if she was!

Top tip for being a blogger?
Be yourself. I love reading blogs that give a real insight into people's lives and aren't solely about outfit posts with no substance behind the pictures. Oh and a decent sense of humour goes a long way too. 

Now for some nominations of my own... Go have a peek at these lovely blogs if you fancy something new to read!

Other Infinities

If any of you delightful bloggers that I've nominated fancy doing your own post, here are my 11 questions for you!

1. You can only eat one food for the rest of your life, what's it going to be?
2. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose and why?
3. A music festival or a week on the beach?
4. Where did the name of your blog come from?
5. What's the one thing in your wardrobe you couldn't live without?
6. What is your earliest memory?
7. Which is your favourite high street shop?
8. Where did you last go on holiday?
9. What's your perfect Saturday night?
10. What's your all time favourite song?
11. What's the best thing about blogging?

Monday, 24 September 2012

I love your friends, they're all so arty

This weekend was a bit of a manic blur of food, boot shopping and more food. Sadly this meant limited opportunities for taking the obligatory hundreds of photos of Liverpool (I think I can hear a few of you breathing a sigh of relief now...). I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of a few things that have popped up since my last visit home for the Liverpool Biennial, a big contemporary art festival that's taken over the city for the next month or so. 

Now, I can take it or leave it with art galleries... I'll happily wander round the Tate for something different to do every once in a while but I'm not a massive fan of all this modern art stuff... I'll admit it- I just don't always get it. But as soon as you start changing the environment outside with bits of art, whether its quotes that have been sprayed onto the ground or a big lift that's appeared in the midst of all the shops I'm hooked. I just love how it stops people in their tracks no matter how busy they are and really gets people talking. I had one conversation with an old man who it definitely got talking... He asked me what the big thing everybody was looking at was and when I explained that it had been put there for the Biennial he just looked at it and muttered "Its a bloody lift, who did they pay millions of pounds to put that bloody thing in the middle of the pavement?!" then wandered off mumbling about the taxpayers money going down the drain. I'm guessing he won't be going to see any of the art events that are on around the city then. 

As for the quotes, I quite enjoyed wandering down the street and having little pearls of wisdom there to greet me along the way. I think the last one is my fave. 

If you're around Liverpool at all over the next month or so then definitely go and have a poke around and see what's going on. I was just rushing around the shops and still managed to see a few interesting little bits and bobs in between rushing between shoe shops trying on every pair of shoes in the city (I did manage to eventually find a pair I liked by the way... I'm sure I'll show you them soon enough!). 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Just let me go, we'll meet again soon

jacket: Republic, top: bought at Leeds festival, shorts: New Look, shoes: Converse

Okay, so I know half of the world owns similar versions of this jacket already so it really is nothing new but I needed a warm jacket until coat season hits us, plus I've been getting seriously envious of other people's leather. I was joking with my friend the other day that now I've bought a biker jacket the four of us from our English language days at uni will look like some sort of T-birds esque gang when we next meet up; they've all had them for ages and always seem to wear them whenever we're together. Oh, we're all just so original. Wearing my new jacket does seem to have one other advantage... it hides my already ridiculously overworn Florence top slightly, keeping my obsession slightly concealed!

So excited that its FINALLY Friday tomorrow... this week has dragged so much I'm amazed the end of it is actually coming into view. I'm off home again at the weekend, this time for my friend's birthday celebrations plus our annual big family meal (everybody except me still pretty much lives in Merseyside but we still rarely get a chance to have all the cousins and co in one room!). This will no doubt result in my 6000th post filled with pictures of Liverpool, but I just can't help myself when I have such a beautiful city on my doorstep. 

Have a lovely weekend you delightful people :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

And how we used to act our age

Whilst drinking a ridiculous concoction of cocktails on Friday night with one of my favourites, conversation somehow turned to our school days and the different cliques that seem to exist within every school. 

Somehow, at the age of 11 you get branded with a label that sticks with you for the next seven years. Even during those first few days of year 7, the rules of who is cool and who isn’t already are being set in stone. 
The kids who turn up on the first day with dyed blonde hair, orange faces and mouths as loud as the neon cases on their nokia 3310’s (ok, so now I sound like an actual dinosaur) instantly gravitate towards each other and claim a spot in the classroom to sit and talk about boys while they reapply their mascara. Meanwhile, the rest of the year are left to gawp at these ‘mature’ girls, feeling wholly inadequate after thinking they were grown up for buying a glittery lipgloss ready for their first day at big school. Although people grow up as they get further up the school these groups tend to remain the same even when everybody is 17 and wandering into the sixth form area. As groups jostle to find a space to catch up on the weekend’s gossip, the same thought runs through almost every head, “Oh no, we can’t sit on those seats, we’re not cool enough... that’s where THEY all sit” (inevitably resulting in the ‘cool’ kids happily spreading out over half of the common room whilst the other 80% of the yeargroup are packed like sardines at the other end of the room).

Where I’m trying to go with this rambling little trip back into long forgotten yesteryear, is to say that this sort of thing does not happen in real life. Anywhere.

When have you ever been in a bar and had someone say “Excuse me love, but you’re not allowed to sit here, you just aren’t cool enough”? Or, have you ever been walking down the street and had someone say “you’re really not cool enough to pull off that outfit, please go home and change”? It just doesn’t happen. And yet, I’m sure from time to time we’re all guilty of holding ourselves back from trying new things because we don’t think we’re cool enough to get away with it. And I’m fairly convinced that these anxieties begin in the classroom, and although real life is a lot different, it can still pretty difficult to shake off the whole notion of cool.

Recently, I bought myself some wayfarers after weeks and weeks of trundling back and forth to the shop trying to decide whether I was actually cool enough to pull them off. Even after finally plucking up the courage to hand over my bank card to buy my beautiful Ray Bans, it’s taken me a good few weeks to realise that nobody on the streets actually cares about what I’m wearing on my face and I’ve stopped spending forever umming and ahhing about whether to just take them off and leave them at home. There really is no law about who can and can’t wear a certain pair of glasses, I bought them so I’m damn well not going to stop myself from wearing them just because I’m worried about people thinking I can’t pull the look off. Just like I’m never going to stop myself from going to a certain bar or watching a particular band just because I think everybody else there might be a little cooler than I am. I know people who will spend an entire evening feeling completely uncomfortable being somewhere because they see everybody else as better than they are. If they really took a look around they’d soon realise that nobody is staring at them and they have as much right to a good time as anybody else there.

Don’t let a fear of other people’s perceptions put you off anything you want to do. Just live your own life how you want and don’t feel as though you need to still prescribe to a certain label that was given to you when you wandered into your first day of school with a blazer so big not even your Dad would grow into.  Having confidence in being yourself and not letting unfounded worries about how other people see you take over is really what makes you cool. 

Be edgy. Be a bit of a nerd. Be happy. Seriously, who’s really going to stop you?

I saw this image on facebook today and I decided it was quite appropriate for this photo haha.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Madames and monsieurs please return to your cubicles

Oh hi weekend, nice to finally see you! Dishwasher sagas and general crazybusyahhh things at work are now over and a few quiet drinks  lots of cocktails and hysterical laughter last night definitely made me forget my general grumpiness. Today I've mostly been taking it easy and recovered from last night's jagerbombs by going for a swim, a wander round the shops (I'll admit that this was mostly for pie and kfc...) and a nice little trip to see my lovely hairdresser. Exactly what I needed. People everywhere are definitely getting it wrong going to the hairdressers before nights out... going the next day seems to be the perfect way to make yourself feel human again!

 jumper: Topshop, top (underneath), jeans: Topshop, shoes: Bank, ring: Kukee

This is the first installment in what will inevitably be months and months of me wearing different items of burgundy clothing. You have been warned. I couldn't resist adding to my wine-coloured wardrobe when I saw this snuggly jumper a few weeks back and I've been dying to wear it ever since but in true British style, as soon as I bought it the sun came out. I ended up absolutely sweltering wearing  this today but I couldn't have cared less because I am just so flippin' obsessed with the jumper! 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Inbetween the lines is the only place you'll find what is missing

Today has not been top of Kaz's favourite days ever. Just one of those days where lots of little things went wrong through no fault of mine or anybody else's. Normally I like to keep a smile on my face even if I'm not feeling particularly jolly on the inside, but after spending most of the evening scrubbing away at a mouldy dishwasher after an already rubbish day, my smile was definitely starting to wear thin. Oh what a glamorous life I lead.

Desperate measures were needed to repair my fragile mood this evening, and so I turned to listening to Two Door's new album (if you haven't already- listen to it NOW!) whilst perusing the internet for pretty a/w clothes. Spending the last hour awash with burgundy, khaki, collars and studs was just what I needed to stop feeling like a mopey Cinderella. As much as I love summer (when the sun occasionally decides to appear...) I can barely contain my excitement for Autumn just because it brings lots of lovely things like this along with it.

boots: Office
 jumper: Topshop
 shirt: Ark
collar: Topshop
dress: Love
jacket: Ark
skirt: River Island
boots: Topshop

I've had my eye on the first pair of boots for weeks and weeks now, and after seeing the brown version on the lovely Alice's blog I think I'm definitely going to have to cave in and buy them. As for the burgundy dress and skirt, I seriously should hold myself back and ban myself from ever buying anything in that colour again- I bought so much last year that I'm sure I could give Santa a run for his money. 

Now I'm feeling sufficiently perked up I'm going to sleep safe in the knowledge that if tomorrow ends up even half as rubbish as today I'm going to march myself straight into town to stock up on more burgundy  try some of this lot on.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

I'm not magnetic or mythical, I'm suburban and typical

playsuit: Topshop, bag: Accessorize, belt: Topshop, shoes: Vans, necklace: Urban Outfitters

Oh hey summer, nice of you to join us. Slightly beyond fashionably late but better late than never I suppose. We've barely been out of sight of the flat for the past few days, but I was quite happy to just find a patch of grass by the canal and stay there all weekend (somehow we managed to squeeze eating burgers, making cakes and watching Submarine in the middle of all that relaxing too!). The only problem with this gorgeous weather is that I've now I've concocted many a whimsical idea about having a barbecue down by the abbey, hiring bikes for the day and going to the seaside... I need to remember that its actually September and we've probably only got hours of sunshine left before Autumn decides to suddenly appear. Wahhh. 

I bought this playsuit last year for my 21st, and like much of my wardrobe it has sadly suffered from neglect as a result of me becoming an old lady with a full time job who can no longer go out anywhere near as often as she did during her student days. Now all my dressy clothes are learning about a life where they don't get vodka lemonade spilt down them every time they go somewhere... I think they're probably quite enjoying it. 

Monday, 3 September 2012

You can't choose what stays and what fades away

Okay, so I promised I'd stop going on about Florence a few posts back after my stalkerish praise of her performance at Leeds festival, but that doesn't stop me wearing a tee with her face on it does it?! 
It seemed like every bloomin' girl at the festival had one of these on, which normally would put me off buying but I figured the likelihood of walking past 50 girls wearing it on the high street in Leeds would be a lot less than it is when you're in a field full of people there with the sole purpose of seeing the lady on the t-shirt. 

top: bought at Leeds festival like a true groupie (I'm guessing they're on Flo's website though), dress (worn underneath) Topshop, boots: River Island, watch and necklace: Urban Outfitters

Also should probably mention my new specs to you since they're right there on my face... I've had to put up with being a specky four eyes since the age of three, and although I normally wear contacts quite merrily, something possessed me to rejoin the land of geek-chic and buy a pair of Wayfarers. Plus, they look pretty damn cool on other people. That said, I'm not fully decided on whether or not I think they suit me (or are even the right prescription... I'm experiencing a lot of optical express rubbish service related anger at the moment but that's a whole other story that I won't bore you with!). 

Oh and Pud Pud the owl doorstop says hello. 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

He sleeps alone, he needs no army where he's headed

If you read my last post, you'll know that I've been back to stay with my mum and dad for a few days this week. There does seem to be a pattern that whenever I go home, a post appears shortly afterwards on herewith photos of my lovely homeland. Why should this time be any different?! (I know, I'm sorry!). I just can't resist though, Liverpool is just one of the most beautiful places and I like to take lots of pictures to bring a little piece of my (almost) scouse heritage back with me to Leeds. 

Liverpool was absolutely buzzing at the weekend, the docks were filled with tall ships that had just raced across the Irish sea. This plus the lovely weather that came along with the first of September brought people out in force. I quite enjoyed the novelty of fighting off small children so I could have a picture at the wheel of one of the ships... we were trying to recreate my leap to stardom aged 5 when I had a picture of mini Kaz in an identical pose featured in 'Twinkle' magazine. I think I won a skipping rope for that picture... highlight of my life obviously!

We also discovered a Yellow Submarine on our travels and  apparently its actually an apartment boat... possibly the most fun place to stay ever. I need to experience this. 

One last little gem I found when I went out for tapas with one of my besties: 

First time I've ever managed to feel classy whilst drinking cider. Amazing. 

Saturday, 1 September 2012

So if you want me, you better come and find me

top: Topshop, skirt: Topshop, socks: Primark, shoes: Topshop 

Ooh look, I'm in a different room today! Still inside rather than taking nice, vaguely interesting pictures mind you, but at least its a bit of a change! This door belongs to my bedroom back at my parents' house where I've been making the most of my last precious few days off work chilling out with my friends and parents, aswell as making the most of my friend's student discount card before it runs out at the end of the month (which did make me wish I'd done a longer degree, I'm sure the extra fees would have been worth it for 10% off in Topshop).

Having quite a limited wardrobe for a few days (mostly due to using all my effort to lug my tent all the way home on the train for good old papa Thomas to put back into its bag properly... I'm a poor excuse for a camper), it forced me to be a bit creative with my outfit choices. I threw this top into my bag on a bit of a whim, I usually just chuck it on over jeans when I'm feeling a bit lazy, but due to my dwindling supply of tops and unwillingness to wear denim yet again I decided it deserved a trip out and a bit of dressing up the other day. So, say hello to my uber baggy, tent-like top... maybe I should have slept in it at Leeds fest (there'd have definitely been less issues with repacking the bloomin' thing). I must admit, I do love the oversized sleeves on it, they make me feel like I've got comically skinny arms... I'm not entirely sure the little elves who design Topshop's clothes thought anyone would cite this as a reason for liking the top but I enjoy it nonetheless.