Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Take one for the team, you're a cog in the machine

Yet another weekend of dancing like a crazy person whilst wearing a moustache. This time my facial hair was of the fingerstache variety which I must say was way more practical than the stick on affair I'd been sporting the week before (at least until I washed my hands a bit too vigorously and lost half of my 'tache...)

I've definitely been feeling more like my usual chirpy little self since I've been out and about with my lovely friends for a few nights out, as far as I'm concerned there's no better recipe for happiness than dancing like a crazy person at a good old fashioned indie disco. 

You'll be pleased to hear I'll stop harping on about moustaches and move on to other less hairy topics after this post, but I couldn't finish my affair with facial hair without a showing you the cakes we made for the night out in celebration of my friend's birthday...

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Who took the bom from the bompalompalomp?

Try as I might, my Movember efforts are failing miserably. Although I was sporting a pretty good stick on 'tache at my friend's birthday last weekend before it got all sticky from the copious amounts of rum I was sloshing all over it (real moustache bearing men must have to use mountains of deep conditioner to keep their fuzz in tip top condition I'm sure!). 

In the (probably quite fortunate) absence of real facial hair, I elected to buy these fab little beauties from River Island. I was pleasantly surprised, I never normally even glance at the jewellery in there but the necklace and earrings were just too good to leave... especially since it was only £6 for the lot! 

Moustaches have a fond place in my heart from a Moustache club night I used to go to with my buddies back in second year of Uni. It broke my heart when the night moved to a bigger and fancier venue and as a consequence became less quirky and fun, instead morphing into every other night out there albeit with a bit more facial hair. 

Excuse me while I sit and mourn the loss of a club that closed down about three years ago. I'm moving on with my life and not wishing I was still at Uni, honest. 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Don't just dream in your sleep, its just lazy

jumper: Topshop
dress (worn underneath): Topshop
necklace: Urban Outfitters
tights: M&S
socks: Topshop
boots: Topshop

So here I am with a right little treat for you... a jumper to rival my much loved burgundy one. Now I have two big snuggly jumpers to harp on about far too often and wear in far too many photos. I suppose really you should thank me for buying this little cutie and saving you from the trauma of seeing yet another day of Kaz in her only jumper. I'm just really thoughtful like that.

My old faithful lace up boots broke a few weeks ago, conveniently just after I bought this pair of chelsea boots from Topshop. As sad as I was to say goodbye to them (does anybody else get as emotionally involved with their shoes or is it just me?!) it did seem like they'd kindly waited to fall apart until they could rest safely in the knowledge that my feet weren't going to be left cold and bare. 

Hope you all had a good weekend, I had a beautiful little time at my friend's birthday drinking far too much rum and eating far too much food. So much so that I passed up a work meal out tonight in favour of soup on my sofa... I truly am living the high life these days. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lover of the light

As part of Operation cheer up Kaz, my Mum and Dad nipped across the pennines for a little family day trip a few weeks back. We decided to take a trip to Knaresborough, a little town in North Yorkshire which I'd been dying to visit properly after being mesmerised by the view from the top of the bridge in my first picture when I was on the way to a meeting at a school in the area. 

The lovely autumnal colours made Knaresborough even more beautiful than it is already, it really was spectacular. I love gazing at the cute cottages in places like this, definitely as far removed from Leeds as you could get really. My only criticism of the place was the lack of tea shops with yummy homemade cake, as lets face it, a trip to a quaint little town isn't complete without a big slab of chocolate cake. Or maybe that's just me. 

One of the most entertaining parts of the trip was our touristy jaunt to Mother Shipton's cave. Apparently hundreds of years ago, a young girl gave birth in a cave near the river after being cast out of the town for not revealing who the father of the baby was. This baby then grew up to be a prophet who became famed for her predictions and people would flock to Knaresborough to have their future's told. There wasn't too much to see in the cave, it was dark and damp and very much like any other cave in the world but my Dad and I were in fits of laughter at the voice of Mother Shipton on the audio tour, who incidentally sounded exactly like a cheap version of Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter. Next to her cave, there was a well which turned any object left under the dripping water into stone. Apparently the owners of the attraction like to demonstrate this by petrifying hundreds of teddy bears, I'm not exactly sure what the teddies ever did to deserve being turned to stone like that! I'm not sure what I'd petrify if I was given the choice, but I'm fairly sure a stuffed bear wouldn't be the first thing to spring to mind...

Anyway, enough rambling, have a look for yourself :)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Celestine, its autumn now, it feels like an age

The last few weeks haven't exactly been my favourite ever. I had a pretty rubbish time with a horrible break up, and had understandably stopped feeling like my usual bouncy self. I eventually reached a point where I didn't see any end to feeling so empty and lost. As far as I could see, I had two options in my over-dramatic little head, either stay feeling completely miserable forever or pick up the pieces and get on with my life. So, here I am. I'm trying out that second option. Personally I think it sounds a lot more fun than staring blankly into space for hours on end and wandering round with an expression on my face so grim that the RSPCA charity man feels the need to tell me to "cheer up love, it might never happen" (it pains me to admit that that last part was most definitely a true story).

On the plus side, the last few weeks have definitely reminded me that I've got amazing friends who have really shown their true brilliance lately (mostly through the medium of food... that part of me always remains the same no matter what I'm going through!). I've got so much to look forward to over the next few months, and I'm making sure I bloomin' well enjoy it.

Image: Pinterest

My apologies for this too-much-emotional-info type post, I've been trying to get back into blogging for a little while now but felt like I couldn't just launch into my usual ramblings and completely skirt over the fact that things haven't been all rosy and filled with sunshine of late.

Normal service shall most definitely resume soon. 
I promise (to myself and also to you people... listening to me moan definitely isn't that exciting).