Thursday, 22 November 2012

Who took the bom from the bompalompalomp?

Try as I might, my Movember efforts are failing miserably. Although I was sporting a pretty good stick on 'tache at my friend's birthday last weekend before it got all sticky from the copious amounts of rum I was sloshing all over it (real moustache bearing men must have to use mountains of deep conditioner to keep their fuzz in tip top condition I'm sure!). 

In the (probably quite fortunate) absence of real facial hair, I elected to buy these fab little beauties from River Island. I was pleasantly surprised, I never normally even glance at the jewellery in there but the necklace and earrings were just too good to leave... especially since it was only £6 for the lot! 

Moustaches have a fond place in my heart from a Moustache club night I used to go to with my buddies back in second year of Uni. It broke my heart when the night moved to a bigger and fancier venue and as a consequence became less quirky and fun, instead morphing into every other night out there albeit with a bit more facial hair. 

Excuse me while I sit and mourn the loss of a club that closed down about three years ago. I'm moving on with my life and not wishing I was still at Uni, honest. 


  1. Kaz, i have this necklace as well! I swear i've loved tashes before they were everywhere but i am so glad they are. I have some friends with some great Movember tashes, i should really get my jewlerry out and show support. Moustached club sounds amazing, sorry you lost it :( Lizz x

  2. Don't worry Kaz there are other clubs out there. Stay strong and you'll find the one.
    I have like one main necklace that I wear and I feel like I could make way for this moustache one in my life. It looks so cute! Ahh don't worry about growing t'stache out my male tutors at college are having the same problem ;D ♥

  3. So fitting for Movemeber! I love your blog, you have a great writing style and some inspirational content, maybe check out mine? I am an artist not a writer so you will probably not be too impressed!

  4. Yes! I LOVE movember and have a had bit of a love-in with taches for a while now...I have a moustache jumper <3 and me and two mates wore stick ons to a halloween party and YES they are unfortable!

    Amber X newest follower!