Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Just give me one little piece of your heart

A few of you may have seen my coach-based ramblings/rants over the weekend on twitter... a horrible (and slightly surreal) journey which involved trundling down the M62 on a double decker bus for an hour at one point, but definitely worth it for a lovely weekend catching up with one of my favourites down in Coventry. I was treated to a tour of some of the pretty parts of the West Midlands, and the ultimate highlight had to be hiring a rowing boat in Stratford... lets just say I'm not sure we'll be making the cut in the GB team at the 2016 olympics.

But just to fool you into thinking we didn't almost kill a swan with an oar or row into a bridge rather than under it, here's a picture of me looking relaxed and like I'm completely in control of the boat...

In other news, after getting past the all important half way mark in saving up 20 pence coins (and 50p's after I realised how impatient I was...) to be able to treat myself to a Cambridge Satchel Co. bag, I've now ended up in a serious dilemma. I wandered into the Dr Martens shop the other day and now I think I'm in love with a new bag. 

Look how beautiful it is...

So now I'm faced with a problem. Do I stick with my original plan and reason for manically collecting 20p coins in the first place and get a Cambridge Satchel, or do I collect even more coins (sadly these cost about £50 more) and aim for one of these lovely Liberty print satchels instead?! Either way, I've still got a long way to go before I get either so I've got a good while to mull it over. Let's just hope I don't find yet another bag in the meantime!

Friday, 27 July 2012

With the sun on my back, its a nice day.

I've discovered that dip hem skirts are brilliant in windy weather. They swish and float about in a Florence-esque way without the constant worry about showing the world your knickers. Unfortunately, my fringe doesn't seem to agree with the wind in the same way... waste of blooming time getting it trimmed the other day judging by today's pictures! 

Anyway... I've been trying to get as much wear out of my Hearts and Bows skirt as possible so it was the lucky skirt of choice on the momentous occasion when I got my legs out for the first time in FOREVER yesterday, so it became friends with my converse and experienced life as part of my casual wardrobe. I bought some new ankle socks in Topshop the other day which I think are possibly the cutest things ever. I do feel slightly like I should be wearing a pink gingham dress and heading back to primary school but I can deal with that. 

Top: H&M, skirt: Hearts and Bows at Ark, Jacket: Topshop, Socks: Topshop, shoes: Converse, Necklaces: Joy/Dorothy Perkins, Sunglasses: Topshop

I'm off to be nosy at the mini festival that's being assembled just across from my balcony. Apparently its a festival for Sky employees. According to google, The Cribs are playing at one of their events somewhere in the country. If its Leeds they're playing I think I'll cry; I'm going to visit one of my besties in Coventry tomorrow so I'll miss a free gig from the comfort of my balcony. Wahhh.

Monday, 23 July 2012

And I hope its just a phase

Oh hey blue sky. Thanks for making an appearance... makes quite a nice change for my pictures not to have been taken in front of my ever so exciting brown bedroom door whilst the rain batters my window from outside! 

This weekend I've mostly been eating excessive amounts of food, catching up with friends and wandering round by the water in Leeds. Not a bad life... Although work was not fun today after such a lovely, relaxing weekend. Especially since most of the people I work with only do term time (not that I'm bitter. At all.). But as long as the sun shines until I can escape my office in the hospital with its very picturesque view of an air conditioning unit I'll be happy. 

blazer: Topshop, top: Urban Outfitters, shorts: New Look, tights: M&S, shoes: Vans at Office, necklaces: Joy/Accessorize, earrings: Topshop

If this weather continues, I might even learn to trust the sky enough to be able to walk around without a jacket on for the first time in forever. CRAZY.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

All because you want to be

I saw Ark tweet about this sleeveless leather jacket earlier and I got a bit over excited.

I've had my eye on a similar one in Topshop and was kinda hoping that this one would be cheaper but sadly they're much of a muchness pricewise. Part of me thinks I should just buy a regular biker jacket with actual sleeves because I can't remember the last time that sleeves weren't necessary outside (I really do need to stop moaning about the weather so much...), but I think I'd still want one of these bad boys too.

As I'm currently still trying to recover from the excitement of two nights out last weekend (I've definitely morphed into a granny in the year that's passed since graduation... I just can't handle it anymore!), I've not really done a lot after work except browse the internet for things I can't afford. I've now also decided that I need all of these things to go with the leather jacket so if I bought it I'd get loads of wear from it.





Its really rather unfortunate that this has happened during a month that's already causing severe damage to my bank account. Somebody please buy me some lottory tickets sharpish so I can actually buy the jacket, let alone the rest of it!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Oh god its half past eight, you'll be late

After spending the last four days wearing waterproof trousers and a wooly hat whilst sailing round the Isle of Wight with the Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust, I was glad to get back on dry land and have my normal wardrobe back (almost as exciting as being reunited with my bed).

Last weekend, I finally bought myself a dipped hem skirt after seeing some lovely ones around and about lately and I actually think I'm in love! I'm planning on wearing it for my flat warming party on Saturday but I'm thinking I can dress it down for daytime and team it with my vans and a sleeveless tshirt too so I can tell its going to be a much loved addition to my wardrobe!

skirt: Hearts and Bows at Ark, top: Ark, shoes: New Look, socks: Primark, necklace: vintage, bracelets: topshop/diy/Ellen Macarthur wristband, Rings: Kukee

Saturday, 7 July 2012

And we'll wait for love in the shape of us

I've spent a lot of time this week thinking about the summer (yes, I'm aware that it is already summer apparently but I'm hoping it will arrive for real eventually...). One of the things that's happening in August is my cousin's wedding, so as a way of distracting myself from looking out at the ever rising river below my flat (becoming concerned about waterfront living right now!) I've been trying to sort my outfit out instead. 

Now, the dress I have already. I bought it on asos for my birthday night out back in March, and as its quite dressy by my standards I thought that recycling it for the wedding would be a great idea to make sure I get my money's worth out of it... I hate buying things that get worn once and then just hang in my wardrobe looking a bit forlorn and unloved. It makes me sad (and poor). 

dress: asos, blazer: topshop, bag: topshop, belt: came with a playsuit, flower and necklace: accessorize

My shoe collection also needs to be happy and loved rather than worn once and thrown to the back of my cupboard.  As much as I love the few pairs of heels I own don't wear them that often at all, if I'm on a night out I much prefer wearing flats and being able to dance til closing time, so buying some especially for the wedding seems like a silly idea to me. 

And then I found these... 

flatforms: boohoo

I've seen flatforms on so many blogs over the last few weeks, and I just think they're brilliant... smart enough to look dressed up but they (in theory) should be comfy enough to wear all evening. Plus, my lazy self would actually wear them on nights out in town too. Sorted. 

Now I just need this weather to improve or else I'll be on a hunt for a brolly to match my outfit too...

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The past was yours but the future's mine

Apologies for the fact that my blog is becoming filled with pictures of me looking like a windswept, muddy tramp mixed with pictures of various bands on stage who are too far away to actually see. Last one for a while, I promise. 

My last few posts do create a pretty accurate picture of what I've been doing lately though; moving/sorting my room out, going to gigs on two consecutive Sundays and then spending the rest of the time being a tired little zombie at work and not doing a lot else. Can't really complain too much though, seeing The Stone Roses was definitely not a bad way to spend my weekend. Such a great atmosphere (despite the many, many ageing stoners and chavs surrounding us for the day), and it was a brilliant experience to hear Ian Brown performing all the songs I like to drunkenly sing along to on nights out. 

jacket: Topshop, jumper: stolen borrowed from the boy, top: Topshop, shorts: New Look, Wellies: Hunter at Office

Right, well I'm off to do something different and exciting with my life to tell you all about now... Nope, actually I'm just going to sit in front of the telly. Rock and roll indeed.