Monday, 23 July 2012

And I hope its just a phase

Oh hey blue sky. Thanks for making an appearance... makes quite a nice change for my pictures not to have been taken in front of my ever so exciting brown bedroom door whilst the rain batters my window from outside! 

This weekend I've mostly been eating excessive amounts of food, catching up with friends and wandering round by the water in Leeds. Not a bad life... Although work was not fun today after such a lovely, relaxing weekend. Especially since most of the people I work with only do term time (not that I'm bitter. At all.). But as long as the sun shines until I can escape my office in the hospital with its very picturesque view of an air conditioning unit I'll be happy. 

blazer: Topshop, top: Urban Outfitters, shorts: New Look, tights: M&S, shoes: Vans at Office, necklaces: Joy/Accessorize, earrings: Topshop

If this weather continues, I might even learn to trust the sky enough to be able to walk around without a jacket on for the first time in forever. CRAZY.


  1. it´s so special what i see here.

  2. I love the last picture, so pretty!! Make the most of the sun, it wont last ;) xxx

  3. I LOVE THE SUN !! One day I might actually leave the house without my umberalla.. Hmm, probably not! Love the outfit too, really like the blazer/ shorts combo!



  4. Thanks for your kind words!! I know…what's worse is i did consider trying to re-buy it….but thought better of it haha. Ah i will live, it's not like i am short of a scarf or two lol.

    Hope you are well xxxx

  5. I'm hoping the weather sticks around too! Love this outfit, the earings are so cute!


  6. you sound like you've had a lovely week; and YES to this recent weather, fingers crossed it stays! :)xo