Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The past was yours but the future's mine

Apologies for the fact that my blog is becoming filled with pictures of me looking like a windswept, muddy tramp mixed with pictures of various bands on stage who are too far away to actually see. Last one for a while, I promise. 

My last few posts do create a pretty accurate picture of what I've been doing lately though; moving/sorting my room out, going to gigs on two consecutive Sundays and then spending the rest of the time being a tired little zombie at work and not doing a lot else. Can't really complain too much though, seeing The Stone Roses was definitely not a bad way to spend my weekend. Such a great atmosphere (despite the many, many ageing stoners and chavs surrounding us for the day), and it was a brilliant experience to hear Ian Brown performing all the songs I like to drunkenly sing along to on nights out. 

jacket: Topshop, jumper: stolen borrowed from the boy, top: Topshop, shorts: New Look, Wellies: Hunter at Office

Right, well I'm off to do something different and exciting with my life to tell you all about now... Nope, actually I'm just going to sit in front of the telly. Rock and roll indeed. 


  1. Love your jacket!

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  2. Love the outfit love the shorts,


  3. ah so jealous, looks amazing fun!! x

  4. So so jealous!!!! What a gig it must have been. Tried my hardest but couldnt get tickets. I think pretty much the whole of the UK is looking windswept, and generally scallywagg-ey at the min lol. You look fab my dear xxxx

  5. i love that jacket!

    great blog by the way, definitely following!

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  6. Great outfit, I love your jacket. I wouldn't mind being at a concert right now! x