Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Just give me one little piece of your heart

A few of you may have seen my coach-based ramblings/rants over the weekend on twitter... a horrible (and slightly surreal) journey which involved trundling down the M62 on a double decker bus for an hour at one point, but definitely worth it for a lovely weekend catching up with one of my favourites down in Coventry. I was treated to a tour of some of the pretty parts of the West Midlands, and the ultimate highlight had to be hiring a rowing boat in Stratford... lets just say I'm not sure we'll be making the cut in the GB team at the 2016 olympics.

But just to fool you into thinking we didn't almost kill a swan with an oar or row into a bridge rather than under it, here's a picture of me looking relaxed and like I'm completely in control of the boat...

In other news, after getting past the all important half way mark in saving up 20 pence coins (and 50p's after I realised how impatient I was...) to be able to treat myself to a Cambridge Satchel Co. bag, I've now ended up in a serious dilemma. I wandered into the Dr Martens shop the other day and now I think I'm in love with a new bag. 

Look how beautiful it is...

So now I'm faced with a problem. Do I stick with my original plan and reason for manically collecting 20p coins in the first place and get a Cambridge Satchel, or do I collect even more coins (sadly these cost about £50 more) and aim for one of these lovely Liberty print satchels instead?! Either way, I've still got a long way to go before I get either so I've got a good while to mull it over. Let's just hope I don't find yet another bag in the meantime!


  1. That's an amazing photo of you on the boat! Gorgeous bag too. :D x

  2. Ah!! AHHHHH! That bag is seriously THE most beautiful bag i have EVER seen….oh my!!!!!! You have to get it, so so so much more beautiful than Cam….and i didnt think that existed!

    You look lovely lovely in the picture too, i love xxx

  3. how gorgeous is that satchel x