Thursday, 2 August 2012

Triangles are my favourite shape

I keep seeing these lists on other blogs and as I'm a nosy little so and so I like having a peek at what your favourite things are. This got me thinking about my own beauty and fashion faves... so just in case you're as nosy inquisitive as me, here are some of my go-to items.

1. Lipgloss/lipstick: Seriously, this is possibly the best piece of make up I've ever bought (okay so there's probably not massive competition as most of my make up bag is very cheap and cheerful), its just as bright and vibrant as a lipstick but has the added bonus of moisturising your lips too... what more could a girl ask for?!

2. Hair product: This Schwarzkopf volumising powder really does what it says on the tin, granted the packaging doesn't mention that it will leave your roots feeling oddly sticky underneath, but I absolutely swear by it for giving my hair a bit of a boost. Plus there's none of risk of crispy, rock solid hair that comes with hairspray!  Definitely a winner for me.

3. Perfume: Vera Wang's Lovestruck- pretty smell and a gorgeous bottle... need I say more?

4. Nail Polish: Okay, I'm cheating slightly here... there's more than one favourite in this picture. But I can back myself up because technically for the Barry M shatter to work it needs another colour underneath, hence why this lovely pale blue little number also made the cut. Sneaky! 

5. Earrings: I'm going to say these are my favourite earrings even though 99% of the time I wear the same ones that are in my ears right now (just little studs from accessorize, the first hole with an aeroplane and the second with a dragonfly). But they're basically just part of my body they've been in my ears almost constantly for the last 2 years so they don't really count. These little Topshop crosses are far more fun and really catch my eye whenever I look in a mirror if I'm wearing them (probably through shock of actually wearing something different...).

6. Top: Look at the ye olde Topshop label on this top! I've had it since I was in year 10 at school... sixth form, uni and a year of work have passed since those days which says a lot about how ancient this top is! And yet, I still wear it pretty regularly despite the ever increasing number of little holes appearing at the seams. Impressive for such a simple little top. 

7. Shoes: I don't feel like this favourite is actually a favourite by choice really. My real favourite shoes had to sadly be retired and sent to shoe heaven a few months back, so until I can find another pair of brogues that I can let into my heart, my stripy Vans will have to do. I must admit, I do love them though. They're not as clumpy as regular Vans plus the candy stripes are pretty damn cute. 

8. Bag: Again, I'm cheating by putting two favourites... The battered River Island is my day to day bag of choice at the moment- I'm one of those people who uses a bag to death before buying another, but the Accessorize backpack is possibly my most essential bag solely because its the only bag big enough to fit my camera in when I'm out and about. So really, the backpack comes out with me almost everywhere as its either bring the backpack or be a MASSIVE nerd walking round with my horrible camera bag. Not happening any time soon. Or ever for that matter.

So there you go, nosy folk of blogland, hope you enjoyed my little ramblings about assorted items currently littering my bedroom.