Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hand in hand through their parklife

And this is why I should be allowed to be a lady of leisure and not have to go to work. A delightful, sunny Tuesday spent wandering round the sights of Bradford (yes, believe it or not there are actually a few sights there...). We started off with a wander round Saltaire, a cute little village built for the workers in the old Salts  Mill, then headed into Bradford with a visit to Lister Park for a pedalo ride on the way. This seems to be accidentally becoming the summer of boats as far as I'm concerned... sailing, rowing, pedaloing... not bad for a girl who used to get seasick just thinking of boats! 

Dress: Topshop, Shirt: Glamorous, Shoes: Fred Perry, Necklace: Elsie Belle, Watch: Urban Outfitters

Sadly, I wasn't trusting the weather enough this morning when I got dressed, hence why my legs spent the day baking in tights. I spent half the day trying to find somewhere secluded enough for me to whip my tights off without being spotted by a passing car or a family having a picnic, an IMPOSSIBLE task. So my pasty little legs are still yet to see the sun this summer. I'm also going to have to wear my watch for the rest of summer now to hide the white patch of skin left underneath it... not that I'm complaining, I got the watch at the 20% off event at U.O I mentioned in my last post and I just couldn't resist buying it- the face is just so pretty! 

Not a bad day for my first official day off for the summer, lets hope this is a sign for good things still to come! 


  1. Love the little shirt! Looks like a fab day. I know i am off for a few days next week and i keep thinking pleeease please be sunny…bet itll chuck it down!!!xxxx

  2. What a lovely place to spend the day--pity about the tights, though. (:

  3. English weather changes so much anywaay :L
    really like the 2nd to last picture btw! ♥