Monday, 20 August 2012

Get dressed, jump out of bed, you do it best.

Today I thought I'd do a little photo collage of my trip to Edinburgh over the weekend as none of the pictures I took were particularly 'bloggy' but I still wanted to share the brilliant weekend I had with a few of my favourites. Mostly the weekend was spent eating, walking, visiting the zoo, walking, being confused by the millions of people trying to hand us flyers at the fringe, walking and drinking cider. My legs are now aching but my constant giggling (mostly internally... I try to give people on the street the impression that I've not escaped from a secure unit) about the constant entertainment that my lovely little gang gave me more than makes up for it.

1. Looking at Arthur's seat and deciding it wasn't just a 'little' hill that we could climb up in half an hour like I'd initially tried to convince the others.
2. Panda lovin' in the gift shop.
3. We walked the Royal Mile, and miles and miles.
4. The girl panda at Edinburgh zoo posing for her audience
5. The ticket guy said the zoo would take 2-3 hours to walk around. We were there for six. Sitting down at every possible bench may have contributed to this.
6. The boy panda, he was running excitedly round all over the place. Definitely the panda version of me.
7. Despite doing nothing but eat, this mirror seemed to think we'd lost weight over the holiday.
8. It makes me sad when I see this burger because I know its a looong way to go to get another.
9. Edinburgh castle. We could see it from outside where we stayed (I like how this gives the impression that we stayed somewhere fancy... in actual fact we were in student accommodation that looked a little like a low security prison from the outside). 


  1. Great post. That Panda is so cute! x

  2. Great photos!


  3. Love the photos, esp the Royal Mile one, i love love love Edinburgh, it is def one of my fave cities xxxx

  4. I want to go to Edinburgh so much! It looks so beautiful. It's funny because I have been to quite a lot of places in Europe but practically nowhere in England. I start Uni in September and will be a little more central so I plan to visit Cardiff, Manchester, Bristol - get some local travelling under my belt haha. Great pics :)


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