Thursday, 16 August 2012

Right now, what you wanted

I've been eyeing up the bracelets on Raspberrygrape for months now, they're just so cute and absolutely perfect for festival season. If you've never seen the website before, go check out Lauren's collection- the girl is a genius of all things jewellery! I'm definitely a bracelet sort of girl... you can usually find me weighed down by an assorted collection of bracelets from here there and everywhere and these two were just begging to be added to my collection, just in time for Leeds Festival next week. On that note, I'm getting far, far, far too excited now... I've basically just spent the whole day bouncing round my flat listening to all my fave bands I'm going to see. And now I'm rushing to meet my friends as a result. Sorry guys if you're reading this!

Bracelets: Rasperrygrape

The colour of the cross bracelet is by far my favourite colour of the summer, so I couldn't pick any other really, I think its me living in hope that the sky will stay that colour for the next few weeks! Both the cross and the skulls are bang on trend right now, and they're just such a bargain that I'm seriously contemplating buying enough to fill my whole wrist with. 

Anyway, I'm off to race into town now... seriously, the days just fly by when I'm not in work, its no wonder I'm running late! 


  1. They are lovely, and i love wearing loadsv bracelets too, the more the merrier!!! Same with necklaces…no point doing things by halfs!xxxxx

  2. Those bracelets are lovely! I adore your top too such a lovely colour!


  3. Aw I love Lauren's jewellery :D This is such a nice post! xx

  4. Cute little bracelet :) x

  5. These are so cute!x