Saturday, 30 June 2012

Happiness hit her like a train on a track

Yet another thing to add to my room already... I hadn't quite got round to putting this beauty in its frame yet when I took the pictures for my last post. But I think the wonderful Flo deserves a post of her own anyway!

I decided on this album out of the entire stock in Jumbo (a record shop in Leeds that me and the boy love poking around in on rainy Sunday afternoons) because not only is it a beautiful cover, but the album is simply incredible. Lungs is just one of those albums that I could never ever get bored of listening to and my most played songs on itunes definitely reflect this!

Top: Urban Outfitters, Skirt: Topshop, Necklace: Vintage, Shoes: Next

As for the outfit today... I took a bit of inspiration from Katy's blog and the lovely ladies showing off their take on wearing different prints together. I love this top but don't wear it half as much as I should, so mixing it up with my dip dye skirt was a nice refreshing change :).

Friday, 29 June 2012

Carry me home tonight

So, as you may have read in my last few waffly posts, I'm all moved into my new flat now. Its absolutely gorgeous inside and I've loved making my new bedroom all lovely and kaz-like. Its still a bit of a work in progress, but tomorrow I should hopefully be able to buy a few more bits and bobs in town and also abuse my Dad's handiman skills so he can put a few more pictures up (I'm pretty sure if I attempted to use a hammer the whole 17 storey block would come tumbling down around me). 

Even without those few final touches, my room's looking pretty already. Having the world's biggest window is certainly giving it character without me having to do much, even though I did fall out with my massive window on the first night after I moved in as I couldn't get the blinds down so spent the night with the whole of Leeds watching me sleep.

1. Couldn't resist bringing a bit of Liverpool over to the other side of the Pennines, 2. My ever expanding collection of cushions, from Sass and Belle, Cath Kidston and Primark 3. I keep finding nice postcards so I've decided to fill my frames up with them for a change 4. One of the perks of my job; I get to join in activities like this and make cute decorations for my room! 5. The view from my window (or at least the nicer bit of it... if you look round to the left there's a delightful view of the dual carriageway but my bed faces this way so I can pretend that doesn't exist!)

Tonight I'm going to mostly be staring out of the balcony window, listening to The Stone Roses in preparation for the gig on Sunday in Manchester and overfeeding the hamster that has been left in mine and Michelle's care for the week. I'm not the most animal friendly person... I've only ever owned fish and a budgie before, so in my reluctance to get him out when my more capable flatmate isn't here I've just been compensating by giving him lots of treats instead (shh!).

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Live those days tonight

On Sunday I had a delightful free day out at the coca cola Leeds coca cola Olympic coca cola Torch coca cola Evening coca cola Celebrations. I can't quite remember which fizzy drink was sponsoring the event though...

I wasn't really there for the torch, although it was a fairly emotional moment (until the mayor started her 6 page long speech...), instead I was waaay more interested in watching Little Comets, Tribes and Friendly Fires. Especially when all it cost me was a day ticket on the bus. Plus it was actually a bit sunny. But still muddy enough to give my Hunters a bit of practice for Leeds festival. Definitely a bonus. I've decided that its impossible for the sun not to be shining when Friendly Fires play, they're too happy and fun to be surrounded by grey skies and rain. If you've never seen them live then DO IT, I challenge you not to crack a smile when you see them dancing round the stage (that said, if you succeed in the not smiling challenge... you are most definitely not a human being. Fact.).

 Top: Hearts and Bows at Ark, Shorts: Topshop, Hoodie: Topshop, Denim shirt: Topshop, Wellies: Hunter at Office

Excuse my shivery looking pose... despite the sunshine and all my layers it still wasn't very warm out. Summer... WHERE ARE YOU?!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

With a girl like you

Oh I do enjoy blogging. Not just because it gives me somewhere to ramble (although I must say I do like having an outlet for my word vomit), but also because I get to hear about so many lovely little online retailers and brands I'd never have come across otherwise.

Like today, if it wasn't for Amy over at The Little Magpie  and her gorgeous jewellery, I wouldn't be writing this post raving about my latest little finds from Kukee which were there to greet me when I moved into my new flat (finally!) last night.

In total, these three rings only set me back £5.50... which I must say is way more appealing than spending that much, if not loads more, on one from Topshop! I've only recently started wearing rings, having always found them a bit annoying, but I can tell that I'm going to very quickly end up with a huge collection judging by what Kukee's website has to offer! And I haven't even got onto the rest of the jewellery they sell...

 green cocktail ring, triangle ring, moustache ring all Kukee

Back to unpacking I go, nearly sorted now- just a few little bits and bobs left to find a place for. Once I've finished making my room look all pretty I'll take a few pictures to post on here :).

Monday, 18 June 2012

We'll pack up your car and we'll board up the house

Over the last few days I have mostly been packing all my junk worldly possessions ready for the BIG move to my lovely grown up flat in the city centre. My flatmate Michelle moved in on Friday so I've already been for a poke around and just want to move nownownow!

Aside from packing and failing to throw out more than a few items of holey clothing (except for the famous brogues, I still haven't had the heart to part ways with them), I seem to have spent a lot of time drinking cocktails out of an exciting assortment of jars and tea cups. The tea cups were a real novelty for me as a non tea drinking being, I love vintage cups and saucers but have previously had absolutely no need to buy them as pretty as they may be. I'm now very tempted to just become a lady of leisure and sit out on the balcony of my new flat drinking fancy cocktails out of a tea cup...

Well, that's my break over and done with, now I suppose I'd best get back to the endless job of packing (seriously... why does packing one pokey little room up take so l-o-n-g?!).

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Iron Cupcake: Leeds

I'm going to share one of my favourite things with you... predictably for me, it involves endless amounts of cake! 

One Sunday every month my skills at being able to eat unholy amounts of baked goods are put to excellent use (finally... an excuse!) as an 'eater' at Iron Cupcake. Cake enthusiasts from all over Leeds come together at The Adelphi to enter their take on a given baking theme into a great little competition. People like me then come along and rate each cupcake based on appearance and taste to crown a competition winner.

For bakers, its a lovely way of meeting new people, sharing ideas and finding the perfect recipe whilst for people like me its a great evening out, a way to get to sample tonnes of different cake and wish I was as talented as the amazing bakers!

This month's theme was Jubilee (well it'd have been rude not to, hey!). Everybody really went to town and there were some stunning (and incredibly tasty) Great British treats on the tables.

1,2 and 3 some of my favourite designs 4. my friend Charlie's chocolate refrigerator cake... apparently Queen Liz's fave (I have to mention Charlie because I'm her number 1 fan, plus she makes THE yummiest treats!) 5. Royal fudge, the undoubted winner for the night, I could have eaten the lot and by the looks of the leftovers (or lack of) so could everybody else!

If you're ever in Leeds on the day of the competition, I'd definitely recommend a wander down to the Adelphi, if you're anything like me and love a bit of cakey goodness you certainly won't regret it!

Sneak a peek at their website here

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I can't touch your precious past

Well, what a busy, lovely bank holiday weekend that was!

I kicked things off on Friday and went back home for a few days. I saw the olympic torch being carried through Birkenhead by my old trampolining coach... unfortunately not as exciting as it sounds as I was never her biggest fan, caught up with my friends and went for a lovely little day trip to Chester Zoo with Mama and Papa T because I'm actually a five year old in a 22 year old body. I spent the Jubilee bank holiday in Roundhay Park with about 99% of the population of Leeds, complete with a trip to Tropical World to see even more little animals (one zoo per weekend clearly isn't enough...).

Although I didn't do anything particularly patriotic this weekend I still loved soaking up the atmosphere and seeing flags and bunting dotted around almost every shop window, pub and street. It was really heart-warming to see a bit of British heritage flourishing, I for one decided to embrace it by making some blue jubilee cupcakes with red and white bunting. Thanks for the perfect excuse to make cakes queenie! I just wish I'd had a street party to take them to rather than just stuffing my face with them in front of the telly!

1. Olympic celebrations 2. Zoo time 3. I want to own this monkey. Best. Moustache. Ever. 4. Roundhay Park 5. The one photo I managed to take of a butterfly without it inconsiderately flying away 6. & 7. Roundhay Park   (skirt, shirt and tights all Topshop), I need to teach a certain someone how to take pictures and not chop people's feet off... 8. My jubilee cupcakes

So there you have it, a whistle stop tour of the Diamond Jubilee a la Kaz. Hope you all found a way to enjoy the celebrations and the extra long bank holiday too!