Monday, 18 June 2012

We'll pack up your car and we'll board up the house

Over the last few days I have mostly been packing all my junk worldly possessions ready for the BIG move to my lovely grown up flat in the city centre. My flatmate Michelle moved in on Friday so I've already been for a poke around and just want to move nownownow!

Aside from packing and failing to throw out more than a few items of holey clothing (except for the famous brogues, I still haven't had the heart to part ways with them), I seem to have spent a lot of time drinking cocktails out of an exciting assortment of jars and tea cups. The tea cups were a real novelty for me as a non tea drinking being, I love vintage cups and saucers but have previously had absolutely no need to buy them as pretty as they may be. I'm now very tempted to just become a lady of leisure and sit out on the balcony of my new flat drinking fancy cocktails out of a tea cup...

Well, that's my break over and done with, now I suppose I'd best get back to the endless job of packing (seriously... why does packing one pokey little room up take so l-o-n-g?!).


  1. Waaah lots of sympathy to you - packing is such a chore! You end up discovering things you'd totally forgotten about though, which is lovely :) Hope it all goes smoothly! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. Cocktails in a cup sounds like the perfect combination! I hope your move into your new flat goes well, you'll have to show us pictures of it!

  3. Helloo my dear, i thought i followed you already but i dont…weird, i shall sort that out in a min! Thanks so much for bobbing by once more, very kind of you tis.

    And i love cocktails in teacups too…a place near me serves the loveliest mojitos in jam jars…so sweet. Def way forward!!!!xxxxx