Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Iron Cupcake: Leeds

I'm going to share one of my favourite things with you... predictably for me, it involves endless amounts of cake! 

One Sunday every month my skills at being able to eat unholy amounts of baked goods are put to excellent use (finally... an excuse!) as an 'eater' at Iron Cupcake. Cake enthusiasts from all over Leeds come together at The Adelphi to enter their take on a given baking theme into a great little competition. People like me then come along and rate each cupcake based on appearance and taste to crown a competition winner.

For bakers, its a lovely way of meeting new people, sharing ideas and finding the perfect recipe whilst for people like me its a great evening out, a way to get to sample tonnes of different cake and wish I was as talented as the amazing bakers!

This month's theme was Jubilee (well it'd have been rude not to, hey!). Everybody really went to town and there were some stunning (and incredibly tasty) Great British treats on the tables.

1,2 and 3 some of my favourite designs 4. my friend Charlie's chocolate refrigerator cake... apparently Queen Liz's fave (I have to mention Charlie because I'm her number 1 fan, plus she makes THE yummiest treats!) 5. Royal fudge, the undoubted winner for the night, I could have eaten the lot and by the looks of the leftovers (or lack of) so could everybody else!

If you're ever in Leeds on the day of the competition, I'd definitely recommend a wander down to the Adelphi, if you're anything like me and love a bit of cakey goodness you certainly won't regret it!

Sneak a peek at their website here


  1. What an amazing competition! I mean, who wouldn't love to eat cakes all day. I wish we had something like that over here, totally jealous of you!! I love your blog though, it's cute cute! Definitely following ;)


  2. Wow these are all so amazing! I wish there was a cake society near me, such a lovely idea!