Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Live those days tonight

On Sunday I had a delightful free day out at the coca cola Leeds coca cola Olympic coca cola Torch coca cola Evening coca cola Celebrations. I can't quite remember which fizzy drink was sponsoring the event though...

I wasn't really there for the torch, although it was a fairly emotional moment (until the mayor started her 6 page long speech...), instead I was waaay more interested in watching Little Comets, Tribes and Friendly Fires. Especially when all it cost me was a day ticket on the bus. Plus it was actually a bit sunny. But still muddy enough to give my Hunters a bit of practice for Leeds festival. Definitely a bonus. I've decided that its impossible for the sun not to be shining when Friendly Fires play, they're too happy and fun to be surrounded by grey skies and rain. If you've never seen them live then DO IT, I challenge you not to crack a smile when you see them dancing round the stage (that said, if you succeed in the not smiling challenge... you are most definitely not a human being. Fact.).

 Top: Hearts and Bows at Ark, Shorts: Topshop, Hoodie: Topshop, Denim shirt: Topshop, Wellies: Hunter at Office

Excuse my shivery looking pose... despite the sunshine and all my layers it still wasn't very warm out. Summer... WHERE ARE YOU?!


  1. How lucky are you?! For the Carlisle leg of the torch relay, all we got were some runner up BGT dance troup and Katy B who was PANTS. I <3 Friendly Fires!!xxxx

  2. ahh this looks so much fun! I missed the torch going through my home town.. gutted! x