Friday, 29 June 2012

Carry me home tonight

So, as you may have read in my last few waffly posts, I'm all moved into my new flat now. Its absolutely gorgeous inside and I've loved making my new bedroom all lovely and kaz-like. Its still a bit of a work in progress, but tomorrow I should hopefully be able to buy a few more bits and bobs in town and also abuse my Dad's handiman skills so he can put a few more pictures up (I'm pretty sure if I attempted to use a hammer the whole 17 storey block would come tumbling down around me). 

Even without those few final touches, my room's looking pretty already. Having the world's biggest window is certainly giving it character without me having to do much, even though I did fall out with my massive window on the first night after I moved in as I couldn't get the blinds down so spent the night with the whole of Leeds watching me sleep.

1. Couldn't resist bringing a bit of Liverpool over to the other side of the Pennines, 2. My ever expanding collection of cushions, from Sass and Belle, Cath Kidston and Primark 3. I keep finding nice postcards so I've decided to fill my frames up with them for a change 4. One of the perks of my job; I get to join in activities like this and make cute decorations for my room! 5. The view from my window (or at least the nicer bit of it... if you look round to the left there's a delightful view of the dual carriageway but my bed faces this way so I can pretend that doesn't exist!)

Tonight I'm going to mostly be staring out of the balcony window, listening to The Stone Roses in preparation for the gig on Sunday in Manchester and overfeeding the hamster that has been left in mine and Michelle's care for the week. I'm not the most animal friendly person... I've only ever owned fish and a budgie before, so in my reluctance to get him out when my more capable flatmate isn't here I've just been compensating by giving him lots of treats instead (shh!).

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