Saturday, 23 June 2012

With a girl like you

Oh I do enjoy blogging. Not just because it gives me somewhere to ramble (although I must say I do like having an outlet for my word vomit), but also because I get to hear about so many lovely little online retailers and brands I'd never have come across otherwise.

Like today, if it wasn't for Amy over at The Little Magpie  and her gorgeous jewellery, I wouldn't be writing this post raving about my latest little finds from Kukee which were there to greet me when I moved into my new flat (finally!) last night.

In total, these three rings only set me back £5.50... which I must say is way more appealing than spending that much, if not loads more, on one from Topshop! I've only recently started wearing rings, having always found them a bit annoying, but I can tell that I'm going to very quickly end up with a huge collection judging by what Kukee's website has to offer! And I haven't even got onto the rest of the jewellery they sell...

 green cocktail ring, triangle ring, moustache ring all Kukee

Back to unpacking I go, nearly sorted now- just a few little bits and bobs left to find a place for. Once I've finished making my room look all pretty I'll take a few pictures to post on here :).


  1. Ooh these are so gorgeous my favourite is the triangle ring! I think £5.50 is a great price for them!

  2. kukee is definatley my new obsesion, made two orders there already haha <3

  3. Love all the rings! Esp the mustache cute! New follower ;)