Monday, 27 August 2012

And its hard to dance with the devil on your back

I'm currently sat on my sofa watching highlights from Reading and Leeds on my laptop. I only got home this morning after watching all these bands over the weekend... isn't technology wonderful sometimes?! Definitely the most tame Leeds festival I've ever had, (I even came home with almost half of my alcohol...) we were just in it for the music and well and truly made the most of it so as soon as the bands had finished I was basically diving straight into my sleeping bag... I am just so cool it hurts sometimes.

It was such a jam packed weekend, I'm not sure I could even name everybody who I watched off the top of my head. I saw loads of old favourites as well as loads of other amazing people that I've never had the chance to see before. Florence in particular was the ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE. I was genuinely awestruck for the whole of her set last night. I've loved her since Kiss with a fist and can't believe its taken until now to actually see her live. It was worth going to Leeds just for that. Incredible.

Anyway... I'll stop being a Florence stalker now, and just share a couple of snaps from the weekend with you.

1. We had a few casual trips to the signing tent. I'm now bezzies with Spector, Tribes and Mystery Jets don'tcha know...
2. Two Door Cinema Club, the busiest I think I've ever seen the NME tent
3. I said I'd stop going on about Florence but that doesn't mean I can't show you a picture
4. She had literally half the audience get on their shoulders... if Flo had asked the crowd to stand on their heads I'm fairly certain people would have done as she said quite happily)
5. Being groupies on the front row for Tribes 
6. A well earned break in between bands

As you can probably tell, I'm still buzzing from the weekend. Buzzing and simultaneously falling asleep on my keyboard at the same time. Didn't even know that was possible. Think its a sign that I need to go to bed. NOW. 


  1. great pics! i haven't been to a festival in what feels like forever

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  2. You went to Leeds?! I'm so jealous! I went last year and LOVED it, the line up looked so good this year too! I did see Florence in concert earlier in the year though and she was phenomenal :D Fab photos, looks like you had a great time!
    Helen at Never Quite Elegant xx

  3. Ahh so jealous you went to Leeds! Glad you had a fab time, would love to see Flo one day xxx

  4. looks like you had a faaabo time!! your outfit looks great!! xx

  5. oh godddd I'm so jealous, this looks amazing! x

  6. I was also at Leeds fest and had an amazing time :) Florence was pretty spectacular!! Nice post.


  7. Love this, i am so so jealous!! And it looked like you had a little bit of sunshine too….lucky duck ") xxxx

  8. You look so cute :)
    I love your blog.

    A lot of kisses from Poland girl :*

  9. Oh wow! I'm going to see Florence in Milan next november! Can't wait! You have a lovely blog..hope we'll follow each other =)

    Xx Elisa