Wednesday, 18 July 2012

All because you want to be

I saw Ark tweet about this sleeveless leather jacket earlier and I got a bit over excited.

I've had my eye on a similar one in Topshop and was kinda hoping that this one would be cheaper but sadly they're much of a muchness pricewise. Part of me thinks I should just buy a regular biker jacket with actual sleeves because I can't remember the last time that sleeves weren't necessary outside (I really do need to stop moaning about the weather so much...), but I think I'd still want one of these bad boys too.

As I'm currently still trying to recover from the excitement of two nights out last weekend (I've definitely morphed into a granny in the year that's passed since graduation... I just can't handle it anymore!), I've not really done a lot after work except browse the internet for things I can't afford. I've now also decided that I need all of these things to go with the leather jacket so if I bought it I'd get loads of wear from it.





Its really rather unfortunate that this has happened during a month that's already causing severe damage to my bank account. Somebody please buy me some lottory tickets sharpish so I can actually buy the jacket, let alone the rest of it!


  1. As lovely as that biker jacket is I would definetly consider sleeves for this country! The sales are having a seriously bad effect on my bank balance this month so I think I need some lottery tickets too!
    Cara x

  2. Love this little jacket! Would go with so many different outfits as well!

  3. hahaha oh girl u make me laugh! i will go and buy lottory tickets for both of us ;)
    those dresses are so fab!


  4. Everything is so gorgeous! I love the dresses! xx