Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Inbetween the lines is the only place you'll find what is missing

Today has not been top of Kaz's favourite days ever. Just one of those days where lots of little things went wrong through no fault of mine or anybody else's. Normally I like to keep a smile on my face even if I'm not feeling particularly jolly on the inside, but after spending most of the evening scrubbing away at a mouldy dishwasher after an already rubbish day, my smile was definitely starting to wear thin. Oh what a glamorous life I lead.

Desperate measures were needed to repair my fragile mood this evening, and so I turned to listening to Two Door's new album (if you haven't already- listen to it NOW!) whilst perusing the internet for pretty a/w clothes. Spending the last hour awash with burgundy, khaki, collars and studs was just what I needed to stop feeling like a mopey Cinderella. As much as I love summer (when the sun occasionally decides to appear...) I can barely contain my excitement for Autumn just because it brings lots of lovely things like this along with it.

boots: Office
 jumper: Topshop
 shirt: Ark
collar: Topshop
dress: Love
jacket: Ark
skirt: River Island
boots: Topshop

I've had my eye on the first pair of boots for weeks and weeks now, and after seeing the brown version on the lovely Alice's blog I think I'm definitely going to have to cave in and buy them. As for the burgundy dress and skirt, I seriously should hold myself back and ban myself from ever buying anything in that colour again- I bought so much last year that I'm sure I could give Santa a run for his money. 

Now I'm feeling sufficiently perked up I'm going to sleep safe in the knowledge that if tomorrow ends up even half as rubbish as today I'm going to march myself straight into town to stock up on more burgundy  try some of this lot on.


  1. Love the red dress. It might have to go on my list of potential party dresses for this weekend xx

  2. Looooooooooove the Topshop boots!

  3. everytime i go to topshop i always stare at those boots! i love burgundy its just a perfect colour !,


  4. the clothes and boots are very nice *_* your blog is very good and interesting. follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  5. Oh love love love the collar!!! I might have to investigate that further…. lol. Aw hope you are feeling much chirpier today, it sometimes feels like you just have everything go wrong in one day doesn't it?!?!

    Lotsv love xxxx

  6. Hope your feeling perkier soon! I love that green topshop jumper with the flat studs! <3

  7. love the polka dot skirt
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too:)

  8. "I could give santa a run for his money" x') ahaha, that cracked me up, my wardrobes jam-packed with burgundy clothes too. Genuinely loved reading this post, ooh and those boots are an absolute must-have! x

  9. Those office boots are beauties! x