Thursday, 20 September 2012

Just let me go, we'll meet again soon

jacket: Republic, top: bought at Leeds festival, shorts: New Look, shoes: Converse

Okay, so I know half of the world owns similar versions of this jacket already so it really is nothing new but I needed a warm jacket until coat season hits us, plus I've been getting seriously envious of other people's leather. I was joking with my friend the other day that now I've bought a biker jacket the four of us from our English language days at uni will look like some sort of T-birds esque gang when we next meet up; they've all had them for ages and always seem to wear them whenever we're together. Oh, we're all just so original. Wearing my new jacket does seem to have one other advantage... it hides my already ridiculously overworn Florence top slightly, keeping my obsession slightly concealed!

So excited that its FINALLY Friday tomorrow... this week has dragged so much I'm amazed the end of it is actually coming into view. I'm off home again at the weekend, this time for my friend's birthday celebrations plus our annual big family meal (everybody except me still pretty much lives in Merseyside but we still rarely get a chance to have all the cousins and co in one room!). This will no doubt result in my 6000th post filled with pictures of Liverpool, but I just can't help myself when I have such a beautiful city on my doorstep. 

Have a lovely weekend you delightful people :)


  1. Lovely outfit. I love my faux leather biker, which I got a few weeks back - for the same purpose as you - to wear until it gets even colder! I think they look great teamed with anything.
    Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned. Have a good'n! xx

  2. Haha me and my friends ALWAYS turn up wearing our leather jackets! Have an amazing weekend at home xx

  3. A classic outfit!!!! I am all about any kind of short with tights at the min ;) You look fab! Have a tip top weekend xxxx

  4. Love the denim shorts & tights combo!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  5. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me, I love big family meals! :)
    Love this outfit too, I always get leather envy so bought myself one a few weeks ago :) xx

  6. You're further tempting me to invest in a pair of converse

    Enjoy your friends birthday!

  7. I desperately want a leather jacket because they always look so nice on other people, but as soon as I pop one on I feel I look very butch and very un-me (: Oh well. I just stumbled across your blog, but your description of yourself is very similar to my own traits, cake lover, list writer and always wishing I was somewhere else (: xx

  8. that jacket is so fab.
    love your look :)


  9. I luurve this look! Wish I own a fab leather jacket! Hahaha I'd love to see you and your friends all in your leathers :) xx

  10. I love your outfit, I'm also part of a tbird esque gang haha, they're just a staple piece really! xx

  11. Love this look - perfect geek chic

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!