Monday, 24 September 2012

I love your friends, they're all so arty

This weekend was a bit of a manic blur of food, boot shopping and more food. Sadly this meant limited opportunities for taking the obligatory hundreds of photos of Liverpool (I think I can hear a few of you breathing a sigh of relief now...). I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of a few things that have popped up since my last visit home for the Liverpool Biennial, a big contemporary art festival that's taken over the city for the next month or so. 

Now, I can take it or leave it with art galleries... I'll happily wander round the Tate for something different to do every once in a while but I'm not a massive fan of all this modern art stuff... I'll admit it- I just don't always get it. But as soon as you start changing the environment outside with bits of art, whether its quotes that have been sprayed onto the ground or a big lift that's appeared in the midst of all the shops I'm hooked. I just love how it stops people in their tracks no matter how busy they are and really gets people talking. I had one conversation with an old man who it definitely got talking... He asked me what the big thing everybody was looking at was and when I explained that it had been put there for the Biennial he just looked at it and muttered "Its a bloody lift, who did they pay millions of pounds to put that bloody thing in the middle of the pavement?!" then wandered off mumbling about the taxpayers money going down the drain. I'm guessing he won't be going to see any of the art events that are on around the city then. 

As for the quotes, I quite enjoyed wandering down the street and having little pearls of wisdom there to greet me along the way. I think the last one is my fave. 

If you're around Liverpool at all over the next month or so then definitely go and have a poke around and see what's going on. I was just rushing around the shops and still managed to see a few interesting little bits and bobs in between rushing between shoe shops trying on every pair of shoes in the city (I did manage to eventually find a pair I liked by the way... I'm sure I'll show you them soon enough!). 


  1. Oh wow, seriously love the lift! I think street art can be one of the most exciting art forms - I love how it feels more accessible, like a part of our world, with it being outside and all and not trapped behind a sheet of glass.
    Thanks for you comment btw lovely, always makes me smile! I had another sucess in the kitchen today, I made spag bol, haha, it tasted gross at first but I threw in a handful of sugar and voila! I fancy myself as a new-age Nigella now, haha. Have a lovely week! x

  2. I can't believe I've lived in England my full 25 years and have never visited liverpool, every blog post i see of the city makes it look like such an interesting place!


  3. I love the quotes! They are so cool :)

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights