Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Iron Cupcake: Great British Summer

This post is long, long overdue and I contemplated not posting it since it was a few Sundays back now but I didn't want to deprive you lovely people of cake! As I mentioned last month, my friend Charlie has recently taken over running Iron Cupcake: Leeds and this month was her first challenge.

This month's theme was Great British Summer, very fitting for the heatwave we were experiencing at the time (although the current weather is probably more what we've come to expect from a British 'Summer' in recent years!), and the bakers managed to conquer the heat and still make some beautiful cakes. This month was one of my all time favourites as there were so many yummy flavours and gorgeous designs. If I had to choose just one favourite from the 13 different entries I'd definitely have to say that Jess's Doughnut Cupcakes took the crown- she'd put so much effort into the design and presentation but also had INCREDIBLE doughnut flavoured cakes with homemade doughnuts making up part of the cakes and a display which even included cake 'chips'. Wow. The actual winner of the competition was also incredibly tasty- toffee cake batter ice cream cupcakes decorated to look like beaches- there wasn't a single crumb of those cakes left at the end as word had spread so quickly about how lovely they were!

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that my pictures are the same as some of the ones from the Iron Cupcake website. I've not been stealing their pictures- I've taken over as the photographer at the events which is proving to be so much fun as I get a nice chance to be really nosy at all of the cakes close up before the eaters start tucking in! Works great for you guys too as it means I'll always have lots of pretty pictures of cake to show you!

If you're ever in Leeds and fancy your hand at baking then the competitions are once a month and the theme is always posted on the website (next month's theme is Disney... I might actually bake again if you're lucky!). Failing that, if you ever fancy coming along as an eater then I'd highly recommend it- who wouldn't enjoy testing loads of cupcakes?!

Also, just wanted to say a huge thank you to Amy for organising the Manchester Blogger Meet-Up on Saturday- I had a great time and met loads of lovely people!


  1. Wow they look delicious! :O

    I love the doughnut mini fish n chips!
    You have a lovely blog, followed!

    Also I am so jealous of not attending the Manchester Blogger Meet-Up, I would have loved to have gone!

    Do you know how I would find out about these events or is it invite only? :)


  2. They all look incredible! The doughnut fish and chips are amazing! I actually have a jam doughnut muffin recipe going up on my blog later!
    The ice cream cupcakes are really cute too - I made some for my friend's birthday last month and they were loads of fun (to make and eat!!) xx

  3. Awwh! The cupcakes look amazing :)I especially love the ice cream cone cake! I bet it is so much fun taking pictures of pretty cakes haha I would love to do that!

    I followed your blog :)