Monday, 6 January 2014

If I could, baby I'd give you my world

After a lazy day on Saturday, my housemate and I decided that we needed to at least pretend to do something on Sunday. Originally, we'd had high hopes to go on an adventure on our rare weekend of being in Leeds hangover free, however the weather wasn't really on our side for a full blown outdoorsy day. 

Instead, we decided to take the scenic route into town along the canal. I haven't been down there since I moved out of my flat in town last summer so it was nice to get a bit nostalgic and revisit it. Plus, the rain kindly held off until we'd almost reached the shops, by which point we were too busy buying every remaining item in the sales to care (post New Year is the only time I can cope with going anywhere near the sale rails as all the scary shoppers have bankrupted themselves by then!).

shirt: Topshop, jacket: Topshop, scarf: Topshop, jeans: Topshop, boots: Topshop, hat: H&M, gloves: Accessorize

So, I joined the masses last week and bought one of those furry denim jackets in Topshop. And, seriously, its the best thing I've bought in months (although a small part of me wishes it had a lining in the arms too... then it really would be the best thing in the world and I'd probably only take it off to wear my new koala onesie...). 

I feel a bit like Topshop threw up on me when I look at this outfit, but I'm not sure that's such a bad thing really. Its the first time in ages I've found clothes I actually like in there so I'm going to bloomin' well embrace it.


  1. very cute post! you look great and i love your location!

  2. Sounds like a fab day! Sunday is absolutely the only day i can face the sales!

  3. It's a great outfit, sounds like a fab day!

  4. I have the same jacket haha! I love it so much, but you're right everyone seems to have it! Lovely outfit :D Also, fab song choice ;)
    Helen at Hels Yeah! xx

  5. I love this outfit, i love the scarf!

  6. aha i always feel like that on a sunday! i really like your outfit and love the scarf! i just found you're blog and i'm following you now so i'd love it if you checked out my blog as well?

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  7. Great photos :)) I love your blouse!

    Sophie x xx