Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure

You know when you find an item of clothing that you love so much that you feel the need to wash it as soon as you take it off so you're not waiting for ages to be able to wear it again? That's exactly what's happened with this t-shirt. I spotted it when I was last in Liverpool but for some reason didn't pick it up and hand over my pennies for it. I instantly regretted it when I'd got back to Leeds and knew my life would just be a little more complete if I could hang that top up in my wardrobe. Luckily, Mama T came to the rescue and popped into Pull and Bear for me the next time she went shopping. What a star that woman is. 

I think the nerdy little 15 year old inside me compelled me to buy this top. My friends and I were pretty obsessed with Armageddon back in the day (and I still love it now for that matter, I'm getting a bit choked up thinking about Harry staying on the asteroid as I write this...) and so the whole NASA thing started calling to me as soon as I spotted it in the shop. I don't own very many t-shirts, but the ones I do have seem to all come from Pull and Bear. Big thumbs up to them for keeping my casual wardrobe afloat.

t-shirt: Pull and Bear, jeans: Topshop, boots: Oasis, socks: Topshop

(Couldn't resist using this song, I got it in my head as soon as I started thinking about Armageddon...)


  1. That is such a cool t shirt!
    Why not embrace your younger self once and a while :)

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

  2. I am extremely envious of this top! It looks awesome on you!
    And love how it looks with the jeans!

  3. love!

  4. Yep, that t-shirt is awesome and those shoes are beautiful too!x