Thursday, 3 January 2013

We turn our hopes to this figure alone

dress: Topshop, necklace: River Island, tights: Gap, socks: Topshop, boots: Office

My room at home is really not great for taking pictures. Especially not when there was only a tiny patch of floor not covered by my gigantic suitcase and numerous other bags of stuff that I was just too lazy to find a real home for. But still, the only part of me that you're missing out on in these photos is my knees, and quite frankly they're not all that interesting to look at anyway. 

I've had this dress for months now and it barely has time to come out of the washing machine wash before its found its way back into my washing basket after being worn yet again. Particularly when  I was at home and had a limited wardrobe, this dress got to go on lots of little outings from my cousin's birthday party to the pub on Christmas eve and countless other places in between. Luckily my Mum constantly seems to have the washing machine going so she could keep up with me and the dress.

I went shopping in Liverpool after Christmas with my Mum to take back a few things and have a little wander. I'm really not a fan of sales shopping in the slightest (I think years of working in Next and being traumatised by the sales there scarred me for life) but I'm pretty proud of myself for finding these boots in Office down to £20, and as my work shoes are currently developing a nice little hole in the toe area I think these were long overdue. Its a good job my Mum's shoelace needed tying so she wandered over to the shoe concessions in Topshop to sit down and sort herself out, otherwise I'd never have found these and would no doubt still be walking into work wearing holey shoes on Monday. 

Hope you all had a lovely New Year and have a great 2013. 


  1. I know, I'm so excited! Oh, I can't handle sales shopping, I'm bad enough getting stressed from people normal shopping haha

    1. Me too haha, I like going shopping after work to avoid getting too stressed out by other shoppers! x

  2. Your dress is seriously gorgeous! <3 and I LOVE that moustache ring - so cute!

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  3. I wanted to buy this dress, had my eye on it for ages! Sadly it didn't suit me at all, but it looks great on you, and I love your boots :)

  4. I love these little boots teamed with the frilly socks!

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