Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise

Lisette who writes a delightful little blog over at Lisette Loves coined a great little expression, NPA (nosy people's anonymous), in her post earlier today. Doesn't that sum up the world of blogging so well? We're all guilty of enjoying a sneaky little peek into other people's lives, so on that theme I thought I'd give you a look at some of the birthday presents my lovely friends gave me. They know me too well, and know how excited I get about new homey bits and bobs and so I was over the moon when I had the pleasure of unwrapping all of these beauties over the weekend. 

1. A girl can never have too many moustaches. They're a symbol of fun times during my uni days and will always make me smile.
2. Brownies in a jar- such a great idea... I'm dying to make them but can't bring myself to yet because the jar looks far too pretty! 
3. Wise, wise words. A very fitting gift for the girl who just forwent a trip to the gym in favour of coming home and eating approximately 1000 malteasers.
4. A frame made of a map of Merseyside to remind me of home. I decided Mama and Papa T were the most deserving people to be put in this frame. 
5. An incredible cushion in the same fabric as the basket and frame I posted about here. I'm loving having a few matchy matchy bits in amongst all of the other fabrics and colours in my room.

So there you have it fellow NPA's... a little insight into how lovely my friends are. I got some other fab bits and bobs too which I'm sure will appear as part of outfit posts and other things soon!


  1. WOOOOOOOO! #NPA love! I am a little bit in love with those cups where can a girl get some of those the bf is always so sad that he can't grow a moustache I think he would love these!
    Lisette Loves xx

  2. Love the idea of the home-made brownie jar. Such a thoughtful present!
    B. x

  3. Brownie jars are an awesome idea. Such a great present idea!

    Love the moustache cups!

  4. You got such lovely things! Love the moustache mugs! NPA, haha that's just brilliant! It really is true about the blogging world really! xxx

  5. Such lovely gifts!! I love the tache mugs where are they from?! I am obsessed with taches!! :') x

  6. Haha, love the idea of NPA! Its so fitting as well. Love your homey items, especially those moustache mugs. Really fun!xx

  7. Love this!! Those mugs are AMAZING, and I am definitely also a member of NPA. Happy birthday for the weekend! :) x

  8. Love the brownie in a jar idea! I've been wanting to gift this to someone but all of my friends would throw it back in my face and tell me to do the baking haha


  9. I love that money/chocolate plaque thing! It's great! And the brownie jar is such a great gift idea. You got some lovely things :) xx

  10. definitely in on the npa! the brownie in the jar is so cool, such a great gift idea - but i can see what you mean about not actually wanting to bake them, too pretty! x

  11. I frigging love your mugs, amazing. I'm also really enjoying that you're listening to The Chain, what a song! I love the pillow as well :) I'm so in the nosey person group xx

  12. Haha, loving the moustache cups! They look brilliant :) and that brownie in a jar looks like pure bliss!


  13. Live that sign, I want that say shoes rather than chocolate? You think they make them? I think I want to join in in the NPA, sums me up perfectly!