Monday, 30 April 2012

Wrapped up and ready to go

Over the weekend, I started flat hunting with my friend for a grown up city centre apartment (eep!). Poking around other people's rooms and houses got me all excited to have a new room and a blank canvas to decorate. Making my room homely has always been my favourite thing about moving house and I'm extra excited to do it this time because my current room is so bare (a consequence of having a neurotic landlady who would only let us put pictures up if we got them to put the hooks in the wall for us... but enough on that subject or you'll never stop me ranting!).

Back in my student days, wall decoration would mostly involve blu-tacking as much stuff to my wall as humanly possible. 

See exhibit A: my uni room from two years ago (I wish I had an explanation as to why my housemate had a bag on her head...)

Seeing as I'd like to think I've grown up a little bit since then, and also my new room won't have walls that are so disgusting that they need every tiny space covering, I'm hoping to do something a bit more understated and pretty with my space. I spent most of my lazy, hungover Sunday browsing the internet and figuring out how to work my personality into my room without the aid of six packs of blu-tack. 

I really like the idea of making a wall of frames... it'd still satisfy my urges to fill up blank spaces with anything I can get my hands on, but in more of a classy, art gallery sort of way as opposed to the 'I'm a student and I could either stick things to my wall or do an essay' manner. 

Here's a few examples that I got really excited over when I started thinking how I could do the same:

                                                                  source: MadeByGirl

                                                          source: architectual house models
I love this sort of thing, mostly because I'd find it really easy to do- I already have a lot of mismatched photo frames (and could easily be persuaded to buy more...) so would just need to start collecting prints, postcards and photos of my friends to fill them all with.

I've wanted one of these fabric letters from Joy for ages, but always thought that a 'K' on its own would look a bit odd just on its own on the wall, but maybe it would work if it was used in amongst the frames to make it even more eclectic and interesting. 

I also keep lusting after these beauties from Utility, one of my favourite shops to waste time in when I'm in Liverpool. 
These pieces of wall art have been in the back of my mind for months, even before I knew I would be moving house. They're such a quirky way of brightening up a blank space without going too overboard, and I think these designs suit my daydreamy nature pretty damn well! 

I'm just excited to move now. But first... to find a flat (and a landlord who won't mind having hundreds of holes in their walls!)

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