Sunday, 6 May 2012

I know the night is young, but tomorrow we might not be

Live at Leeds 2012... I'm pretty sure it should be rebranded as some sort of hardcore exercise class. We went from the Wardrobe to Milo, then up to the Well, into Leeds Uni (with a little tour of the hospital on the way... no injuries involved, I just wanted to show Charlie where I work!), down to Holy Trinity church, a quick whirl around Leeds Met, into the o2 Academy (twice with a few quick darts past the Example fans in Millennium Square) then down to Cockpit- plus stops for pick and mix and burgers in the middle of all that- I don't think I've seen so many corners of Leeds in the space of a day before. My poor little legs didn't know what they were letting themselves in for! 

But aside from being an excellent form of exercise, Live at Leeds proved to be a day full of brilliant music and the opportunity to explore some new venues I've never been to before. I fell slightly in love with The Wardrobe (despite going in there at lunchtime and only being joined by a handful of people to watch Rupert Stroud... a really great guy to stumble upon!) and will definitely be going there again. Other than that, seeing Spector was by far and away the best part of my day, I've been slightly obsessed with this band since I first listened to Chevy Thunder a few months ago. At first we thought frontman Fred Macphereson was a bit of a numpty (to use one of my dad's favourite words) but by the end of the set we just thought he was hilarious and I loved how much he interacted with the audience, reading out their tweets and all! 

Other than that, Ladyhawke impressed me with her style and general coolness (but I must say she didn't put on much of a show... although we had just watched Spector having a general chinwag with the audience so I'm not sure its really a fair point of comparison) and watching The Subways in an incredibly sweaty Cockpit was an absolutely brilliant way to round off the day, what an atmosphere! 

For £20, Live at Leeds was an absolute bargain, great music in a brilliant city plus the added bonus of having the surreal experience of being surrounded by people sat in church pews drinking beer. Me and my partner in crime Charlie have made our plan of action for next year already if anyone cares to join us! 


  1. Sounds immense, glad you had a good time!

  2. sounds like such a good festival, ive only ever been to local gigs would love to go to something massive like this.