Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I got a love that keeps me waiting

So, I made it back from the Isle of Wight in one (exhausted) piece! I took a few snaps whilst I was there but not as many as I'd expected, partially down to the fact that using a film camera makes me really think before taking each photo rather than being my usual snap happy self, but mostly due to the lack of opportunities to stop for long enough to get my camera out! But now I've got a great excuse to visit more nice places so I can use up the rest of my film! 

I'm especially interested in visiting places if they also sell brownies like this... (its probably a good job this bakery is on an island far, far away from Leeds or else I'd be about 50 stone heavier by now!).

The isle of wight isn't great for the waistband...

I got home from my trip on Sunday with a purse full of 20p coins, now for you lot that probably doesn't sound that exciting but for me it was a couple of little steps closer to the jackpot. I'll explain... I decided about a month or two ago to start putting every 20p I got into my piggy bank to save up for something exciting that I'd never normally spend money on (I did contemplate saving pound coins at first but realised I'd be pretty poor pretty quickly if I did that!). 

And what do I want to buy when I have a money box full of silver? Why, one of these beauties of course...



I'm a massive lover of satchels and have been for the last few years, but Cambridge Satchel Company really win hands down with their collection. Normally I've ended up with cheap and cheerful satchels which I've worn to death but have tired of pretty quickly because they just aren't as cute as these! I love how many different colours Cambridge Satchels come in and have decided that when I get one I'm going to try really hard to resist my natural urge to buy a tan or black one and instead get something that's a bit more unique and a statement. The green ones are really lovely, very summery (I might just be drawn to it today given how beautiful the weather is!) but the colour will still match perfectly with my burgundy coat for winter... see- its an investment! 

Well, I've just totted up the total in my money box and the grand total currently stands at £24.70. I'm getting there... slowly. At this rate I should have a bag to call my own by the end of the summer. Or maybe I'll get impatient and start feeding £20 notes to my piggy instead... 


  1. Oh my god! These bags are amazing!
    Love your blog!
    Bubble my Licorice

  2. i love cambridge satchels too! am currently trying to save up for one along with the many others things on my wishlist! :) x