Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The photos on my wall

I'm going on an almost holiday this weekend to the Isle of Wight, I say almost as I'm technically going for work, but nonetheless I'll be hopping on a plane and ending up beside the seaside which I'm quite excited about.

I'm going down there on my lonesome, and as I'm not the sort of person who enjoys her own company (in fact being on my own is something I genuinely dislike and avoid as much as I possibly can) I felt like I needed an activity for my spare time over the weekend.

Then *ping*, I had  a brainwave! I've been dying to play with my Grandad's old film SLR for ages... I've had it for the last two years or so just sat in my room back home but have only recently got round to buying film for it, and since buying film I haven't been anywhere exciting in the daytime (annoyingly, my Uncle claimed the flash off the camera which considerably limits my photo opportunities!) to take pretty pictures. Hoping for a few rays of sunshine down south this weekend I decided that'd be the perfect chance to get a bit snap happy and experiment with good old fashioned photography.

I've been drawn to lomography for ages and love the cute little cameras aswell as wasting hours looking at the gorgeous photos on the lomo website, so as a treat to myself I ordered the redscale film off the internet to satisfy my fascination without spending loads of money on a camera that is essentially just a colourful piece of plastic.

I'm hoping that this:

Plus this:

Will create some lovely photos like this:

Kyoto in autumn

Well, now I've got my activities for the weekend sorted, I'm going to relax and definitely not think about packing in the slightest...  I'm struggling a wee bit with the 10kg luggage allowance as well as trying to fathom out what would be acceptable attire for a weekend of learning the ropes of Ellen Macarthur sailing trips! Any ideas?!


  1. Ooh i would love an old camera to take proper pictures…i just have a digital one, or my phone cam. Be excited to see what you come up with :)

    Have a lovely time and thanks so so much for stopping by my blog again, you're very kind xxxx