Thursday, 10 May 2012

Simple promises you said you'd never break

I've never been the sort of girl to own millions of shoes, in fact, I'm pretty sure that most people I know think I only own one sorry looking pair. For the last two years, my feet have been in a very monogamous relationship with these little leather brogues from New Look. When I bought them I had no idea they'd become the most loved item in my little shoe collection... they were born more out of necessity than anything else, being the only brown brogues New Look happened to have in my size on that day in Liverpool. This story could have turned out very differently if another pair of shoes had been sat there in a size 6. 

Considering they've barely been off my feet in the last couple of years, they've lasted pretty damn well. But sadly, as much as it pains me to admit it, they're almost on their last legs; the soles are wearing away and there's a few tell tale holes appearing on the heels. Obviously, I'm not giving up on my little babies yet, but I have started to realise that they won't last forever *sob*. Its going to take something incredible to fill the void when the inevitable happens, so I've decided I need to start looking for a replacement pair pronto so I'm not left wandering the streets barefooted (or god forbid wearing any of my other pairs of shoes).

So far, I've found a few possible candidates but nothing is tugging at my heart strings yet. I've even resorted to sneaking peeks at pairs I can in no way afford, but even then I know that money can't buy me love (sneaky Beatles quote there... its like scouse tourettes or something sorry!) after all, my little New Look faves only set me back about £25.

1. Office, 2. Asos, 3. American Apparel, 4. Asos

I mean, I like all of these options (particularly the polka dot Asos ones... but an unhealthy proportion of my wardrobe is navy blue already so I need to stop thinking about those altogether) and I think they'd all be quite happy in my wardrobe, I'm just not sure that they are quite worthy of replacing my battered brown pair. Maybe I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and buy something I'm not quite in love with and hope that with a bit of attention and dedication then a new shoe romance will blossom. Either that, or I remain stubborn and carry on wearing my old brogues even when the sole has completely disintegrated and the fabric has totally fallen apart at the seams...


  1. You should definitely try out the dress, it's perfect for cakeaholics! Haha. I love those jade green brogues, AMAZING! x

  2. Just stumbled upon your lovely little blog by accident and its so sweet!! Oddly enough, i always thought brogues weren't my kind of thing, until i got my Monsoon ones about a year ago…..i cannot imagine my life without them. I always look at brogues elsewhere, but never find anything i love as much. I think part of it is that my brogues now fit perfectly, are a little bit worn in and are perfectly scuffed in a messy nice way.

    Good luck, let me know what ones you get….i might also get them haha

    Lotsv love xxxx

  3. likee your blog dear,
    keep posting and go for it!!