Wednesday, 13 February 2013

And the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we love

With the exception of little old me over here in Leeds, the majority of my family all still live on or very near the Wirral. Since half of the family live within 5 minute walking distance from my parent's house (we're an adventurous bunch!) it doesn't leave many exciting places to explore as we just have to nip up the road whenever we want to see them. But I do have one Uncle who doesn't live in Merseyside, he lives up in Edinburgh. Without a doubt one of the best places I could possibly have a reason to visit on a fairly regular basis. Well done Uncle, great choice of city to make your home in.

Since we haven't all been up to see my Uncle together for a year or so we decided it would be a nice thing to do for my Mum's birthday. And, although I did go up to the 'Burgh back in August with my buddies, I really don't think I could ever tire of the city. Its flipping beautiful. In just a weekend we saw so much, going up Calton Hill, driving around Arthur's Seat (it was way too wet, cold and windy to even think about walking up there...), going up to the roof of the museum to admire the view, and so much more!

 I love how diverse Edinburgh is, from the castle you can see old buildings, new buildings, water, mountains... nowhere else could you walk to the bottom of one of the main tourist streets and end up in the middle of a country park complete with hikers and crazy runners speeding up the hills.

Even on horrible grey days like last weekend, the city still looks absolutely stunning. 


  1. Your photos are lovely - I love Edinburgh too and am hoping I can get a job there so I can move there soon! xx

  2. I love Edinburgh so so very much!!! If i ever move…thats where i want to live. My favourite "Relocation Relocations' are the Edinburgh ones lol xxxx

  3. last time i went to edinburgh i was so cold there was a point i was convinced i was actually going to die. i need to go back in summer! great photos, glad you had a good time! x

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  5. I really really want to visit Edinburgh it looks like such a nice place- your pictures are great! Loving a cheeky bit of Bastille's Pompeii as your title :p xx

  6. Such pretty photos! I keep meaning to visit Edinburgh, I've never even been to Scotland yet! xx

  7. I love this post! It's so nice when people really admire Edinburgh, makes me feel so lucky to live here! Xxx