Sunday, 17 February 2013

We spit blood at the sun, spit blood in the ocean

I say this all the flipping time, but I REALLY REALLY LOVE WEEKENDS. 

As much as I do love my job, there's just nothing better than a weekend full of fun to let off some steam and escape the stressful real world for a few days. This weekend was filled with a few quiet drinks (which inevitably morphed into a full blown night out... we're just not grown up enough for quiet drinks yet), lots of shopping and catching up, plus a Mexican night with waaaay too much food and competitive tequila fuelled Mexican hat games. 

This weekend was a far cry away from the last, which was a far more sensible family affair in Edinburgh which you might have seen me post about earlier in the week here. As I was too busy dancing to my favourite music (and the Mexican hat dance) this weekend to think about taking pictures, I thought I'd share a few more pictures from Edinburgh and our visit to the National Museum of Scotland

We spent hours and hours in the museum and probably only went in about half of the rooms, there was just so much to take in- plus we spent half of the time on the roof terrace looking out over the castle and the city. I spent forever in the Animal World gallery, it was incredible being able to get so up close and personal with the animals (I definitely prefer getting inches away from a stuffed lion to a real one thank you very much... far less risk of becoming a delicious lion snack). Although having so much to look at did cause a bit of a safety hazard, I walked right into my Dad because I was so busy staring at the sharks hanging from the ceiling. Not sure how factually accurate they were mind you- I've never noticed any sharks or whales flying above my head in Leeds before, maybe I just don't look up at the sky often enough.


  1. Ahhhh, I love the national museum!! It's always just a lovely day out, although- I've never been on the roof terrace would you believe! I like the giraffe... I have a rather fetching photo of me trying to kiss it over the banister. Because I'm cool. Looks like you had fun in Edinburgh- love living here!xx

  2. I love this museum! That giraffe makes me giggle every time! Actually all the Taxidermy in there is a BIT dubious...
    Love from Glasgow!

    Em x

  3. This sounds like a lovely thing to do! I have never been to a natural history museum whatsoever, probably because I never really programmed myself to do when travelling to a city that has one. I might visit the one in London next time I go there :)

  4. Wow! the national museum looks awesome, these are great photos. glad you had such a great weekend xx

    a thousand million words

  5. these pictures are so lovely!

    hope you'll visit back

  6. Looks like you had a great time, thanks for sharing those photos! xo