Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Don't throw your fortune away

I arrived home after work today to the most lovely treat ever. I found out at the weekend that I'd won Linda from Hey! Homewrecker's Love Birds giveaway and today was the day that the little parcel dropped through my letterbox. Linda is the queen of all things crafty and this little Love Birds picture is just too gorgeous (as soon as I'd torn through the paper I was straight in there knocking a nail into the wall for it to hang on opposite my bed). Check out her blog, its full of incredible crafty bits and bobs and beautiful colours and fabrics. Plus, as if the parcel wasn't amazing enough enough already, she also included a note inside the cutest illustrated card too (made by her sister), how perfect are those foxes?! AMAZING! 

And onto another crafty lady, my buddy Charlie made me this pretty lining for a basket that I bought a few weeks ago. It originally came with a blue and white gingham lining which reminded me a little too much of my old primary school summer dress, so we marched down to the market to pick something a bit less uniform and a bit more Kaz friendly. That's where my input into the basket ended... I have absolutely no sewing skills whatsoever. I used to sneak my textiles work home for my Mum to add to every week and then sit there pretending to thread needles every week in lessons (actually... I probably didn't need to pretend, it takes me about an hour to thread one anyway!). Luckily, Charlie's a lot better with a sewing machine than I am so happily stepped in to make this for me. Now I have a pretty place to store my hairdryer, make up bags, and a frisbee (not quite sure how that ended up in there). 

Lucky for me, there was just enough fabric left over for me to pretend to be good at making things too. I'd bought a frame on mine and Michelle's unromantic Valentine's day in Ikea last week and decided I could turn it into something fun. And voila, one frame (made in much the same way as the noticeboard we made a few weeks ago), lots of buttons and a lot of superglue later, this creation was formed. I'm a bit too haphazard and DIY inept to keep up with Linda and Charlie's work, but I did myself proud here. Even if the heart is a bit wonky and uneven if you look at it too closely. 


  1. Love the birds and the basket is great! I want to try making a notice board like the one you made but I just don't have the space :( maybe one day! X

    1. Btw I nominated you for a liebster award I'd really love to read your answers to my questions http://amberluiselove.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/liebster-award.html X :)

  2. Congrats on winning, it's all so cute xx

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  3. Aw wow! The foxes are amazing x

  4. Aww I love your little framed DIY. It's really cute!
    And how lovely is that bird picture?! Lucky you! I think I'll have to check Linda's blog out. Love crafties! :) xx

  5. Yeah! So happy you love it! You've bigged me up to sound way more crafty than I really am!! I love the button heart picture you made xx

  6. The lining basket is so cute! I want to try and make one

  7. Ooh, I love the fox card! What a cutie! <3

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  8. I have recently done a crafty blog post. I am so un crafty I was quite impressed with how they turned out! I love those birds so cute!

    Nicole xx

  9. I like the wonkyness of the heart :) Very crafty post I always feel a little sheepish reading stuff like this because I am an art student so I should be doing allsorts of things like this but I just never do! I was going to print some t shirts at some point but that hasn't gone anywhere!

  10. I was just looking at your blog and recognised my sister and the card I made! What a nice surprise, better than smelly bills through the post! Love your button picture!x

  11. I absolutely adore stationery so that looks like a dream win. Plus the foxes with the neckerchiefs are the cutest! Your heart frame is gorgeous too - and I think it actually adds to it that the heart is ever so slightly off - it kinda makes it more personal and seems somehow appropriate given that its a heart.

  12. I love, it's so cute !

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  14. Love the DIY craftiness! Also love that it matches your blog background haha x