Monday, 24 June 2013

Smiles of the week: Take me dancing in the wild

This week started off on a fairly unpleasant note. I shuffled sleepily into the bathroom this morning and in an attempt to grab all of my toiletries off the shelf in one go for my shower I just about managed to open my eyes enough to watch my razor tumble into the toilet. Cue a good five minutes spent trying to play hook a duck with the toilet brush whilst my razor taunted me from the bottom of the toilet bowl. Sometimes my life is too glamorous for words. This is why posts like this are necessary on a Monday (although the start of this post would make a pretty good attempt at a Mundane Midweek post a la Charlotte's Web), I love reminding myself of the little moments that have happened over the last seven days to make me remember that life isn't all as traumatic as this morning was. Hope you enjoy reading this week's little list of highlights from the last couple of days.

There's been a lot of chocolate cake involved in the last seven days. Firstly, Charlie's birthday cake, closely followed by cakes I made for work (we had a pack of eggs left over from our baking sessions at work so I was cajoled into using them up and feeding the office in the process). Then it was all topped off with a cake from Zuger's- literally the best chocolate cupcakes EVER. If you're ever on The Wirral or in Chester then visit one of their cafes or you'll regret it forever. 

Making said birthday cake and laughing LOADS at our ridiculous attempts to create a twin for the easiest pig character we'd spent about 10 seconds putting together. It suddenly became impossible to make another so after about 50 attempts we went for what was technically a far more complicated option and got it right first time.

Meeting up with two of my old best friends from school and hearing about all of the exciting grown up things that are happening in their lives. Meanwhile, I chose that day to strongly resemble that picture you can see of my five year old self with a pinafore and my big plastic Ray Bans. I may not be getting a mortgage and may look like an overgrown reception child but I'm very, very happy with my little lot. I'll happily watch my friends grow up around me but for now I'm perfectly content to stay just the way I am.

Finally reaching a point where I no longer felt absolutely stuffed from my meal out on Tuesday (three days later...) and enjoying a good gossip over a bowl of nachos and a bottle or two of wine with another of my besties from school. 

Playing scrabble with my Mum and Dad. I even helped my Dad by pointing out how he could make his three letter word add up to 42 points just by moving it one space to the left (and as a result lost the game...). 

Going to a charity Afternoon Tea party at my Mum's friend's house. Despite it being so windy we felt like we were battling a tornado to reach the scones it was really lovely to be sat out in the garden surrounded by people drinking tea (well, I had a lemonade) from vintage china under a canopy of pretty bunting. 

I'd love to hear what's happened in your world over the last week, here's to this one being a good 'un :)


  1. Look at how CUTE you were!! Sorry, are! Haha :)
    I don't feel half as grown up as some of my friends...who have mortgages and are planning their weddings! Hell, some even have BABIES! Whereas I'm still living with the parents...I'll get there in the end!
    Love an afternoon tea. We went for one last Sunday for father's day, treated my mum and dad (it was my mum's birthday the day before), was gorgeous! xx

  2. Sometimes it's definitely the little things that make a day or a week :)
    I feel a bit freaked out about the speed with which everyone is growing up, too - granted, I was the first of my friends to get married, but I must admit I felt very young at the time and have since been more than overtaken by several of them having babies and buying houses. I think everyone assumed I would be the first one to have kids, since I was the first married, but I was only 22 then and five years later I am still no closer to remotely wanting any! I'd much rather travel and have some fun while I still can, haha.
    Mel xx

  3. You're so cute Ms. Kaz! I love your photo. Hihi. :D I love playing scrabbles and tea party! :) That chocolate cupcakes is looks so yummy! It made me crave for these! ^^

  4. One time I dropped the top of the bleach down the loo and had to hoick it out with the top of a coathanger from a bleachy bowl. Disaster master! Your chocolate cakes look delicious, I wish I could pipe my icing so well! Good work on the scrabble move! xxx

  5. I followed your blog via bloglovin' because GFC is leaving in July. :) I hope you can come check out my blog too