Sunday, 18 August 2013

Is your bed made? Is your sweater on?

Yesterday was an incredibly jam-packed day of fun with one of my new housemates. We started off the day with a pretty impressive run (I definitely can run further than I thought- it just took a running buddy to give me the motivation to push myself a little further) followed by a hilarious game of tennis in our local park- I'm not sure you could really call it tennis when we spent 90% of the game running after the ball after missing our shots. We decided to leave on a high when we'd managed to get over 10 successful consecutive hits going...I'm embarrassed to admit how long that took!  

Later on, we took a trip into town via the magical world of Hobbycraft to buy some green food colouring paste for the baking we had been plotting for the evening (I'll post about it soon and the reasoning for the green paste will be revealed!). We couldn't resist refuelling before heading back into town with a quick brownie pit-stop at one of my favourite cafes, Out of The Woods in Granary Wharf, as we passed- we'd definitely earned it after all of our exercise earlier in the morning! 

A few hours of shopping later (I seemed to get most of mine done in the time my housemate spent buying a new phone- I'd like to think I'm a speedy shopper but in reality it just showed how long phone shopping takes!) and we headed home just as the rain began to pour- thankfully it held off for most of the day as you can see from the photos below I'd been a tad optimistic with my bare legs (I'm just determined to get as much wear out of my sandals as I can before Autumn creeps back in!). 

Hope you're all enjoying your weekends too!


  1. That is a gorgeous pattern on your dress!

    Lucy x

  2. Phone shopping is a total nightmare, takes so long, cute dress chick :)


  3. Ah sounds like a great weekend, I wish I could be bothered to be as athletic as you! I'm also a tiny bit jealous of Hobbycraft. I'm going to have to seek one out xxx

  4. Your weekend sounds great!! I love your dress too, it's so pretty! A Hobbycraft has just opened in Plymouth- I can't work out whether it's a good idea or not to go there. I'm broke already!! xx

  5. Sounds like a fun day...loving your dress as well, so cute! :-)

    Vanessa x