Friday, 23 August 2013

You gave me magical, I gave you wonderful

There are a few places I always seem to waffle on about on my little piece of the internet. York is definitely one of those places. Its been a firm favourite as one of my top UK cities since I was a nipper, it was always somewhere we came to year after year for Christmas shopping and usually a trip to the National Railway Museum to keep Papa T happy. Last weekend, my Mum and Dad came up to Leeds for a visit and my Dad fancied yet another trip to see the trains (apparently they've got a bit of a special collection on show at the moment!). My Mum and I don't quite share my Dad's enthusiasm for locomotives, but I can spend ages looking at the old passenger carriages and posters for holiday destinations from the past- I love thinking about how people spent their holidays and went on long journeys before cars and aeroplanes started taking over!

Anyway, it was a beautiful, sunny day on Sunday so it was perfect for meandering around the town after my Dad had taken thousands of pictures of the engines so I thought it'd be rude of me not to share a few snaps! 

shirt: Forever 21, dress: Primark, shoes: Topshop

This is one of my favourite pictures of the day. Most of you will probably be drooling at the Mulberry outlet in the shot, but not me- for starters I don't really understand the fascination with uber-expensive handbags (although maybe if I had endless amounts of money I'd feel a little differently...). For me, it has always been a bit of a family tradition on our trips to York to have a good chuckle at Back Swinegate as it reminds us so much of my Nan. She was such a sweet little lady who never really moaned about anything but would always, always make a point of telling everybody who came to visit her "ooh my back's a swine today".  We took a picture of the street once when I was younger and showed her and the rest of the family- she couldn't help but find it funny with the rest of us in fits of giggles around her.

(this weekend I'll mostly be trying to pretend that I'm not actually riddled with jealousy about everybody watching Biffy and Co at Reading and Leeds)


  1. What a great post and lovely photographs, growing up outside of York that city was our go to place for shopping and while I didn't like the train museum as a child i've certainly grown into having a passion for the railway (kinda geeky that that love's now grown into model trains but

    1. I digress) and apparently press publish before I've finished my comment haha

  2. York looks so pretty, and a lovely sunny day too! I love your spotty shirt, so cute :) xx

  3. i went to york when i was about eleven, but haven't been back since - i have to say i don't remember it being so pretty! these photos have definitely made me want to go back and appreciate it! (i'm definitely joining you in the reading jealousy!) x

  4. York is one of my all time favourite places. I try and go at least one a year. Have you been to Betty's Tearoom? God I love to stuff my face with the cakes when I go! And York Dungeons, what a laugh! Sh*t myself every time haha

    I really like you're blog, beautiful pictures :)

    R x

  5. you're looking really sweet in that lace dress in white!

    check out my latest post featuring my trip to Melbourne! :)

  6. I had the best day out in York the other week too! Went around the wall and did the tourist-y things too.
    Did you go to Betty's Tea room too?
    Lovely to meet you over on the lbloggers chat! Hope you've had a super weekend
    Celia @