Saturday, 31 August 2013

Well he could buy you a diamond ring, or he could get you anything

I've been home alone today, and after sleeping right through my zumba class this morning (I definitely should have set an alarm...) I decided I needed to make sure the rest of my day was at least a little bit productive. I saw a tweet when I'd finally woken up a little about the Kirkstall Deli Market being on in the grounds of Kirkstall Abbey today and got a little too excited. I've been trying to go to the Deli Market for absolutely ages (I'm a food stall's worst nightmare- I can spot free samples a mile off) but with it only being on once a month I'm very rarely free on the right weekends. The market didn't disappoint, I came away with cheese, a steak pie, chorizo and a whopping great slice of rocky road. Plus I ate an unholy amount of chocolate brownie samples from a few different stalls and couldn't resist trying some sticky toffee flavoured cheese which was actually pretty tasty! 

Today seemed like a good day to try to break in my beautiful new shoes properly since I eas going to be doing a bit of walking but would still be close to home if my shoes didn't agree with me. I treated myself to a new pair of brogues last week after I began to realise that I really needed some flat shoes that weren't Converse or Vans. I think I've fallen in love with these Office beauties, and the fact that they haven't given me blisters despite being made of quite stiff leather gives them extra brownie points.  

top: Pull and Bear, skirt: Topshop, shoes: Office, socks: Topshop

Also, these are my first outfit pictures from my new room... its made me think my bedroom door was designed for Borrower sized people- I definitely look taller than usual stood against it! 


  1. I wish there was a market like that near me, I saw you Instagram rock riad looked yummy!


  2. Sticky toffee flavoured cheese? Sounds interesting! Saw your instagram of the rocky road - it looks GOOOOOOD!
    Cute outfit :) xx

  3. That market sounds amazing - I'm all over anywhere I can get my hands on some tasty free food haha! I love the buckle detail on your shoes :) xx

  4. That market sounds great! Lovely skirt and shoes :)

  5. I love brogues! You look adorable :))

    Sophie x xx

  6. Gorgeous outfit! I love that skirt! You have such a lovely blog!


  7. I like these shoes a LOT!! Love markets like that though, there are always so many delicious things to try!! xx

  8. This is such a lovely outfit. There's something about denim and brown brogues that just looks adorable!

    Lindsey. x