Thursday, 13 December 2012

Do you know where the wild things go?

jumper: vintage, jeans: Topshop, boots: Topshop, hat: Topshop, necklaces: Urban Outfitters/River Island

Now this jumper technically wasn't bought by me, but its been in my possession for most of the last few years so that makes it mine now right?! I wish I could say that I was lucky enough to be the person that found this amongst the rails and rails of vintage American sweat shirts that line most vintage shops. Alas, I'm just not that patient. I love wandering round vintage shops and flicking through the rails but if I'm being honest then please give me a bit of organisation and shiny new clothes any day (oh hey there Topshop). I'm just too lazy for any other type of shopping. Plus I'm so indecisive with clothes its always safer if I can rely on a good refund policy.

Anyway, now lets all just admire how intelligent I look wearing a Harvard jumper. I'm off to revise for my midterm. Or whatever it is that smartiepants Harvard students do with their time.


  1. Love this post! Such a cool jumper! Plus it looks so warm and snugly, which is perf for the cold weather! xxx

  2. Lovely sweater - and I agree! I can't be bothered with trawling through markets!

  3. You really suit this get up - i would look like an idiot, but you look lovely. I love the beanie too. You can never have to many hoodies anyhow…bet that works great with pyjamas on a lazy sunday too xxxx

  4. I am in love with your jumper!

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