Saturday, 15 December 2012

We are the reckless, we are the wild youth

dress: Topshop

I realised when I uploaded these photos just how blurry they really are. I'd like to blame this on something that was no fault of my own but in actual fact I think the cause is just that I get too swishy and overexcited when I put this dress on because of the floaty material and voluminous sleeves. Not going to lie, this dress makes me prance around and pretend I'm Florence. Although as far as I'm concerned, that's never a bad thing.

I've had this dress since the start of my final year of Uni so its pretty old now (like me, sob sob) but it has remained my failsafe go to outfit for nights out, meals out and anything inbetween ever since. I'm sure everybody I know is pretty sick of it by now, but quite frankly I think I'll still be wearing it when I'm forty. Unless I keep consuming pop tarts at the alarming rate I currently am (I only discovered them quite recently so am making up for lost time...) in which case I'll have probably outgrown the dress by Christmas. 


  1. I want a swisshy dress to swish around in. You look so gorgeous!
    Pop Tarts are magnificent, if you continue to eat pop tarts and I continue to drink oreo milkshakes daily then soon enough I'll be 100% liquid and you'll be a pop tart and then we can become a detective team and solve crimes together. Ridding the world of healthy food. ♥

  2. Great post, photos and blog i totally like pls come thro and follow back like you promised u will on my fashion blog

  3. Chic dress!I like your blog. What about following each other?