Tuesday, 23 April 2013

But I'll never look you in the eyes again

Does anybody else ever get that feeling where you really want to do something a bit rebellious just because you're young? I go through occasional phases of thinking that getting a tattoo would be a really good idea but the sensible, grown up part of my brain (there does seem to be a grown up lurking in there somewhere it seems!) thinks I should probably give it a miss since it could affect me getting a teaching job in a few years time if the head teacher likes their staff to look squeaky clean. Plus there's the whole fact that I'm a MASSIVE wimp and am really scared of needles which doesn't really help me when I start thinking of tattoo ideas. Other days, I find myself thinking I should get my nose pierced or dye my hair a fun colour but always manage to convince myself otherwise again on the grounds that it might ruin first impressions in an interview. 

Gahhh, see, this is yet another reason why adult life is no fun! 

In the meantime, to satisfy my youthful, vaguely rebellious streak, I managed to find a less permanent way to be a bit expressive and creative with my general appearance. Hair chalk. I found this in Topshop a while ago and when I saw a girl on the make-up counter colouring a girl's hair in a brilliant shade of pink I just couldn't resist buying some myself. So, every now and then, if I'm beginning to get a bit twitchy and starting to look at tattoo designs or brightly coloured hair on Pinterest, I like to have a bit of a mess around and colour the blondest bits of my dip dye in to give my hair a bit of a rainbow-like boost. It literally is as simple as colouring your hair in and it comes out with no problems in the shower. Perfect for somebody like me who just wouldn't be taken seriously as a 'professional' in my line of work if I had multicoloured hair. 

It may not be permanent or particularly adventurous, but its better than nothing. And that's enough to keep me happy when I'm feeling a bit too grown up for my liking. 

Although, after saying all that, I'm thinking a tattoo on the back of my neck might not be a bad idea if I went along to any future job interviews with my hair down... sadly (or luckily, depending on which way you look at it) my ridiculous needlephobia will probably keep that idea at bay at least for a little while longer!


  1. Ahh, I've seen this done before (with normal chalk), it's an amazing idea! Love the look of yours - tempted to get some hair chalk and try it myself.
    I've been tempted to get a tattoo as well - have been for yearssss! It's not the needle that puts me off. I'm just a little worried that I may end up hating it when I'm older. Hoping my friend who's training to be a tattooist will do me one for free - makes the decision a little easier!! xx

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I'm dying to get my nose pierced and tattoos but I keep being warned against them! So annoying! And I want a tattoo on the back of my neck, I think it's the perfect place! X

  3. I got my nose pierced when I was in that faze, you're only young once (I reframed from saying the word "YOLO". Plus loads of teachers when I was at school had tattoo's, I must admit it was a bit weird seeing them though.
    Now that I have my hair Ombre'd I think I might start putting chalk colours in it. Especially in the summer.

    Grace x


  4. Love the hair chalk! I know what you mean about being rebellious. But I must say: I have a tattoo and I'm a teacher! It's on my wrist but I've always ensured its covered up during interviews. Then once they've hired me... Out comes the tattoo, ha! In all seriousness though, tattoos are becoming so commonplace now that it woul be unlikely to hinder your chances, so don't let that put you off...xx

  5. I like the idea of this but too scared it will dry my hair out. I'm so bored with my dark hair, i might actually give this a go! x

  6. Sometimes I think of dying my hair something crazy like a red-blue colour but then I think that my boss will fire me and I forget about everything :P

  7. i saw a post on these on tumblr and i fell in love with them straight away, but i don't have blonde hair and so i bet it would all be quite useless and wouldn't show up! they look lovely in your hair tho, such a great way to add something interesting without anything too drastic! x