Sunday, 7 April 2013

Cos everybody says you never speak up, and never take a moment's rest

I've just reached the end of an absolutely blissful week and a bit off work. I've done a bit of a whistlestop tour visiting lots of lovely people, eating way too much food (a personal high/low was eating a massive burger from GBK and then heading to Wagamama for tea 3 hours later...) and having a few little day trips in between.

 I seemed to get massively lucky with the weather on my week off and got to experience a rare phenomenon called blue sky and sunshine, so I'm glad I got to spend plenty of time out enjoying it rather than just having to stare longingly out of my window in the office. Way back on Easter Sunday (I've been laptopless since leaving Leeds on Good Friday hence the trip down memory lane!) my parents and I took a trip into North Wales and had a wander round a snowy Errdig. We don't do big family Easter celebrations since there's only really the three of us in our immediate family so we like to actually get out and do something as otherwise we'd just drive each other to insanity with endless games of scabble (we did have a game one night over the holidays and it resulted in my extremely polite mama trying to play a series of rude word- any more games and we'd have had to wash her mouth out with soap to get her back to her usually squeaky clean self!). 

So, anyway... Errdig. My pictures looked really pretty with their dusting of snow, so much so that it made me forget my hatred of the white stuff that's been plaguing us for the last few months. Although, that's not an invitation for it to return by any means. 



  1. Ok, I wish I went on holiday with you so bad, all of your pictures look magical!

  2. Ah snow is so pretty! I love looking at other people's photos of it, but hate when I have to endure it!!

  3. Your pictures are lovely, doesn't snow make everything look pretty. I do love the snow but loving this sunshine too, it's still freezing but long may it last

  4. Gorgeous snowy pictures, it is amazing the sun has made an appearance this week though, fingers crossed it is here to stay!

    Lauren x

  5. Beautiful photos of snow - I wish it didn't cause so much annoyance, it is so pretty otherwise! xx

  6. Gorgeous pictures (even with the snow!)

  7. Oh so pretty! GBK and Wagamama in the same day is pretty impressive, not going to lie. Would you hate me if I said I've never been to Wagamama? x