Sunday, 28 April 2013

Smiles of the week: Let's get up off the floor and use our feet for hands

This week has been one of those that's just ticked over without much to sing and dance about (although I did make a point of jumping ecstatically off my train earlier this evening after having to endure two hours of being squished into a tiny corner of the train by a group of loud, irritating, lager drinking women on their way back from a birthday weekend...). Despite this week being quieter than the last, there've still been lots of little moments that have brought a smile to my face. 

Buying myself a new notebook completely unnecessarily just because it has moustaches all over the cover. 

After buying said notebook, discovering that this week is National Stationary Week and so my purchase was entirely justified as an act of celebration. 

Spending ages in the steam room at the gym relaxing and inadvertently listening to strangers' gossip. I'd quite like to know how that girl's relationship dramas pan out...

Enjoying some quality time with my iPod on the train back to Liverpool and getting a bit too excited for a music filled few days at Live at Leeds next weekend.

Watching my Dad ceilidh dancing at my cousin's 40th. Literally the only time I can recall ever seeing him dancing. Voluntarily (and sober) too... not sure what had got into him!

Having a few families from work saying thank you for all of the help I've given them. I don't do my job to get thanked for it but its nice to know you're appreciated and have made a difference to somebody every once in a while! 

Being greeted by blue skies when I arrived back on the Wirral. It promptly turned to wind and rain as the weekend went on but at least I had a nice sunny welcoming.

Messaging a friend to ask how she's been and ending up organising a long-overdue meet up instead (I didn't actually end up finding out how she's doing since we got so overexcited at the prospect of seeing each other but at least I'll find out soon enough!).


  1. love the photos! and the notebook looks super pretty! :D

  2. Pah, as if a girl needs excuse to buy new stationary! Well, if you're a stationary fiend like me, you don't.
    I love noseing in on other people's conversations...glad I'm not the only one! I always find other people's lives so much more interesting than my own.

  3. Loved this lovely cheery post :) xxxx

  4. Pretty face! The purchase is definitely justified, had I known I would have gone bloody mental, never can resist a cheeky Paperchase xxx

  5. I make purchases like that too sometimes haha, pretty notebooks are a necessity haha. I listen to stranger's gossip too sometimes, it's interesting because my life is so boring, and listening to someone else's interesting life makes my life more interesting hahaha

  6. I LOVE YOUR NOTEBOOK. It is amazing. Being thanked for work you've done is such a good feeling, isn't it? And I can imagine in your line of work, it's really amazing knowing what a difference you've made. xx