Friday, 12 April 2013

What's up with my heart when it skips a beat?

In case I haven't mentioned it enough already, I bloody love Liverpool.

 Even walking down what would be a pretty boring and non-descript through-road just off Bold Street is turned into an experience in my fair city. I've walked past this street hundreds of times as well as similar walls in other areas of town which form part of a set of installations called Visible Virals which were part of Liverpool's Capital of Culture year back in 2008. The walls all have questions like "Are you happy?" and "Do you worry about global climate change?" painted across them, and I think they're just incredible as a way of getting passers by thinking about some serious issues as they potter around town. I'm so glad that a few of these virals have lasted for so long after they were originally intended, as it just adds to the endless things to see in the city centre. 

Plus it makes for a good backdrop for photos... what more could you ask for really?!

jacket: Republic, top: Topshop, skirt: Topshop, boots: Topshop

Plus, on the other side of the road from the climate change viral, I found this little gem that made me smile.

So there you have it, another post which further reinforces my love for Liverpool and also my undying love for a good moustache.

I should probably try to get some other interests soon so I can stop boring you all with my incessant chatter about facial hair and my hometown.


  1. I never realised Liverpool looked so lovely! Wish Coventry was more like this!

    Hannah xx

  2. My brother has literally just moved up to Liverpool, meaning I will at some point have to break my 'going up north' virginity. Hoping it's as great as you make it sound! :) x

  3. We're planning a weekend trip there at some point this year. There seems to be so much good stuff to see/do there!

  4. I can't wait to visit Liverpool again, it's one of my favourite cities!

    Kirsty, xo
    - Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattoos

  5. Yesss so happy to see this - I'm from over the water too and love it! It gets a lot of stick but it's got so much there and capital of culture year was amazing for the city!
    Laura x

  6. These are so cool! You know, the more I read blogs, particularly yours, I realise that maybe the north isn't scary after all! Hahaha (love from a softie southerner) x

  7. As an art student and someone who practically lives next to Liverpool I cannot believe I've not seen this wall!!! Gonna have to track it down on my next trip, thanks for the heads up :)