Tuesday, 9 April 2013

You're living a lie, baby you're flying too high

Today I'm going to share a strange concept with you. I have a friend who, when asked if she'd like to join in on a day trip to Chester Zoo, uttered the words "I really don't like the zoo, I just don't like animals and don't see the point"

Despite a huge amount of persuasion on our parts, she still refused. Luckily, she does enjoy days out with lots of shopping and food (see exhibit A as evidence of our most recent escapade last week) so I can still grant her permission to remain friends with me, plus she's a lovely person and one of my oldest friends too so I suppose I'll have to let her off for her lack of zoological enthusiasm. 

But seriously... take a look at how flipping beautiful these animals are and then try to explain how somebody couldn't enjoy a day in the sunshine watching chimpanzees causing more drama than an episode of Coronation Street and spying on the teeny-tiniest baby elephants.

(thought I'd throw in a token mug shot to demonstrate what a jolly old time I had. Now on to the better looking animals...)

See... Zoos are AWESOME. 
(As is the zoom lens I borrowed from my Dad for the day.)


  1. Lovely photos - I live about 20 minutes from Chester Zoo! :) Had many a trip there over the years haha.

    Helen at uhhelsyeah.blogspot.co.uk

  2. This photos are lovely! Your friend must be mad, I love animals!

    Lauren x

  3. OWH! I love love love Chester Zoo! It's one of my favourite days out! :) Hope you have a lovely day! xxx

  4. aww the elephant!! sweet little baby. haha and i have no idea how your friend refused these beauties, strange indeed =P

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. I love ZOO! Cool post:) I greet!

  6. I AM SHOCKED AT YOUR FRIEND. What is she thinking not liking zoos?! Apparently I went to Chester Zoo as a child- but I have no recollection of this. I shall be day tripping to Paignton Zoo soon I think! x

  7. Baby elephants are the cutest!! :)

  8. Love the shot of the Meerkat!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo

  9. How can someone not like animals ?! Love the photos of the lions, beautiful animals. I may have to check out Chester zoo one day!